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Fron May until October 2013, the Swiss artist Didier Guex, exhibit his some of his sculptures at the Parc of General Guisan Centre in Lausanne – Switzerland.

Discover this unique artist through a selection of iconic pieces of art. The program:

  • Outside the centre, at the gardens facing the lake: 14 sculptures plaster on metal.
  • Inside, at Espace Pohl: 2 Bronze, 4 stones, 3 aluminium, 2 patinated plasters and 2 made of concreet.
  • Also inside we can see 7 paintings: mixed techniques  on carton.
  • 2 tryptiques
  • 3 Acrylics on canvas


The General Guisan centre is a beautiful property by the Lake Geneva in the city of Lausanne. Its garden welcomes exhibitions, mostly sculptures and faces the lake for a breathtaking view.

The Centre is located at General Guisan Pully place near Lausanne, in a park with an area of ​​one hectare along the Leman. It is a privileged place for meetings, study and memory.

Under the name of Green Bank, the property was home until his death in 1960, General Guisan, commander of the Swiss Army during the Second World War 1939-1945

Property of the Swiss Confederation in 1971, Green Bank is now managed by a private association center.

Didier_Guex_Centre_General_guisan_jardin Didier_Guex_Centre_General_guisan_lac

And since beginning of May you can discover the universe of Didier Guex, a brilliant Swiss and self-made artist. He uses  different techniques to create. It goes from the plaster and metal we have here up to Bronze, Stone, aluminum, concrete or patinated plaster.


Here are 14 sculptures plaster on metal exposed in the gardens and 12 sculptures inside the centre at the Espace Pohl.

Here are some shots made by Cédric Dauch during the visit of the exhibition.





All these works of plaster on metal, shows a more decadent vision of men. Adding some accessories like a fishnet on all sculptures makes it more “human”. Some of the sculptures are very surprising, others look more like a study on body’s anatomy.  In both cases, all sculptures are well placed, taking the best each visitor will be ready to give afterwards,

The exhibition will run until october 2013. Here are some useful information. The gardens are often opened. So if you are walking around by the Lake Geneva, between Ouchy and Pully.

Centre Général Guisan
Avenue Général Guisan, 117
1009 Pully
+41 21 711 46 65

Please also check the official website: 

It is interesting to see this kind of usage for a garden. It places everything in a different dimension, away from the exhibition halls.



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