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Beauty rules are such an integral part of our lives that we don’t even know who made them in the first place. Some are not even scientifically proven to work, and some we were taught since childhood. Even those routines suggested by professionals may become outdated over time due to the ever-changing trends and advancements in the cosmetic industry.
Whether it’s about the piece of clothes or make-up style, beauty rules have never been more challenged than in the past decades with bold attitudes by celebrities like Rihanna and Taylor Swift. These trendsetters sure made we question even the oldest of the rules and reinvent ourselves with new habits and tactics.

1. Don’t go to bed with wet hair

This is something your parents probably taught you since you were a little kid. And they did have a point especially in the winter months or when you already have some health issues like the flu. But other than that, you can even use the opportunity to style your hair in your sleep. Literally. The best natural way to create curls is to braid your damp hair and go to bed like that. If you want to gain more volume, spread your wet hair on the towel above your head, and tomorrow you’ll look like live Wash and Go commercial.

2. Bright nail polish is for summer, dark is for winter


You’ve probably already heard about the myth that every season has its colours. While that may be true for nature, when it comes to trends, it’s all about you and your style. There was a time when black nail polish was only worn by the goth and emo crowd. Today, almost every girl has worn it at least once. It’s all about how you feel and what you like to wear, no matter the season. The moment the myth that red lipstick is not for redheads was busted, the beauty trends started redefining the connection between the colour and occasion and creating new rules more centred on the relationship between the product and its user.

3. Paint your hair roots immediately


There used to be a time when visible roots were considered as a sign of neglecting yourself. But ever since the Sex and the City main character Carrie Bradshaw created a new hairstyle trend of overgrown roots, soon enough it became one of the most sought-after hairstyles in the salons. Ombre and balayage are the most famous techniques and are even performed on other hair colours rather than just blonde. This is also a great way to allow your hair to breathe for a while, free of dye and treatments, since such styles will give you natural and relaxed look.

4. Dress age appropriately

Dressing age appropriately was something you were pressured by society to accept as your faith. Truth to be told, this rule was always the sweetest to break. Stars like Cher or Jane Fonda embraced their age and still look fashionable and gorgeous. Conservatives among us will always nag and that is harmless and bearable. But giving up fashion just because you don’t fit a certain mould in people’s heads is more open to critique than what conservatives say. Instead of worrying about what will others think, concentrate on creating your own style which will make you happy, free and beautiful.

5. Fake eyelashes are only for special occasions


There are so many taboos when it comes to eye makeup and most of them regard what is appropriate to wear during the day and what is not. One of those rules includes fake eyelashes and when is a right occasion to put them on. It was a common belief that stronger eye make-up is for evenings and special occasions, but today you can see women with these features even during the day. We’re not all blessed with long, thick lashes and using artificial ones is an excellent solution. So, if you decide to wear  lash upgrades or smoky eyes alla Jennifer Lopez, don’t think about the right occasion but rather enjoy how good it looks on you.

6. Tweeze your eyebrows regularly

When the world first saw Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows, everyone was in shock. Thick and dark they perfectly accentuated her blue eyes and gave her a sassier look. And soon enough, it became a trend. Women started tattooing their brows thin from years and years of tweezing, while others perfected the art of painting them to create more natural, bushy effect. It also allowed women to feel free from the pressure of tending to them constantly and worrying about how they look.

The best way to fight prejudice is to not fret so much about them. People will always have opinions and that is a normal order of things. But locking yourself in a box so you could fit someone else’s expectation is like putting a leash around your neck. So wear what you like and enjoy life, since it flies by before you know it and there are so many wonderful things to experience so time is precious.

Chloe Smith


Chloe Smith is a cycling enthusiast, business consultant for Lash Blossom, and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success.