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In 2019, La Prairie introduced the Equation of Light, which expresses skin luminosity as a function of color and reflection. For the eye area, however, an additional element needs to be introduced to the Equation of Light. Due to the eye’s three-dimensional architecture, light in this area of the face not only depends on color and reflection but also on the shape. This year, the Swiss luxury brand launches La Prairie White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire. Here is our full review.

White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire, The Science of Light to Design your own Beauty.


Due to the eye’s three-dimensional architecture, light in this area of the face not only depends on color and reflection but also on the shape. Colour and reflection determine the quality and intensity of light as a function of skin conditions. Shape orchestrates the spatial distribution of intensities of reflected light, creating a pattern of contrasts between shadows and light. There is a lot we can learn from Architecture when it comes to master the complex science of light.

Light reflects perfectly off the smooth surface and from deep within from the dense network of collagen. Over time, the skin’s surface texture becomes uneven and lines appear. In parallel, within the skin, the collagen network loses density and structure. Skin’s ability to reflect light is impaired, its natural luminosity dulled.

With time, the eye area loses its firmness and density, resulting in lax, thin skin under the eye, at the inner corner of the eye and at the temple. This skin laxity, paired with under-eye bags and puffiness, crow’s feet and wrinkles mean a less defined eye contour, leading to more prominent shadows and less luminosity in the eye area.

White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire – A true Beauty Breakthrough

White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is enriched with the breakthrough illuminating molecule Lumidose – the most potent inhibitor of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the formation of melanin. The formula intensely targets grey, brown, yellow, red and violet chromatic disturbances that can dull skin’s natural light and boosts the reflection of light from the skin, illuminating it.

Infused with Golden Caviar Extract, the unctuous formula helps to increase collagen production and redensify the dermal extracellular matrix network, refining the eye’s shape and optimising skin’s ability to reflect light. An extraordinary luminosity in the eye area is revealed.

Enhanced with La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, which uses cutting-edge biotechnological research to give new life and energy back to the very cells where beauty is born, White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire helps to restore firmness and elasticity of the eye area, contributing to a younger-looking skin that is better able to reflect light.


The clean lines of the pearlescent, cylindrical White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire vessel are punctuated by a brilliant, sculpted ring that evokes the collection’s namesake caviar beads. The high-polish silver cap opens like a jewel box to reveal an integrated, light- reflecting mirror. With a press of the sleek inverted button, an innovative airless pump – designed to preserve the illuminating properties of Lumidose – is activated, releasing the perfect dose of pristine white cream for extraordinary luminosity.

La Prairie knows how to place the packaging at the service of the product. The Swiss company creates new beauty rituals and allow each person to create his own ritual as well. This generates a strong relationship with the product, that becomes a beautiful self-indulgent moment.

White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is complemented by the Ceramic Pearl to massage, soothe and de-puff the skin of the eye area, while further enhancing the efficacy of the cream. The Ceramic Pearl is an extraordinary tool with a rotating sphere providing a cool touch. The rolling action allows a gentle massage that increases lymphatic drainage and stimulates microcirculation. This favours the delivery of nutrients and facilitates the removal of toxins, helping to visibly alleviate under-eye bags and dark circles. White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is the Science of Light elevated to an art.

This new product combined with the existing products from the White Caviar range is the perfect addition to your daily routine.

José Amorim
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