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hydrogen phone

French researchers have nearly succeeded in commercially developing a hydrogen fuel cell for use as a backup power source for mobile phones, thus easing dependence on an electricity supply to charge the gadgets.

The miniature fuel cell uses a hydrogen-filled cartridge about the size of a small cigarette lighter, according to the researchers at the Atomic Energy Commission which has its headquarters in Saclay in northern France. The gadget, designed to be carried in a belt pouch, has been in gestation since 2005 with a semi-conductor technology company, STMicroelectronics.┬áThe cartridges are being developed by the company Bic, which makes pens, lighters and razors.┬áThe product is designed to be part of a “hybrid” system in which the cell phone first draws on the conventional battery for its power and then taps into the fuel cell if needed. Each cartridge gives the equivalent of three to five recharges of the traditional battery.
The Future is coming quick and experts think everything will change in 2 years time.

hydrogen-cell, not very sexy hein!