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There is nothing more unnatural than being away from home. Away from the ones we love and the places we are use to. At the same time, traveling is an unique chance to discover something different, something new or something worth knowing in a lifetime. There is one key place generally for all your travels, it is the hotel you choose for your staying. In this sense, Le Richemond Geneva has everything you might need.


Perfect location, amazing installations, gentle and efficient employees and an amazing kitchen. And if there is something you appreciate when you are away from home is a great meal. of course if you live in Geneva, you can always give yourself a little indulgence by discovering the chef’s menu. Last week, LuxuryActivist team discovered an amazing new Autumn Menu, in which some of the meals were gathered as a global menu throughout all Dorchester Collection hotels in the world. A true pleasure for the senses.


Room service, more important than you think

Dorchester Collection decided to have a Signature collection of exclusive meals dedicated to Room service. Why giving such attention to Room service? Actually, it is a matter of taking care of the customer in the moments they might need the most. Did you ever think about who and when someone orders Room Service?
If you travel for business, there are 2 reasons why you would order room service rather than being in a business lunch or diner. The first one, you arrived very late, your flight was delayed and you end up in your room, tired from your trip and wishing your trip has been easier. At that precise moment, you hope that room service will be amazing as it will bring you a little comfort before a well deserved “short night”. Or you might be at the end of your trip, all your meetings went well and now you have a last night before your early flight in the next morning. You are tired and the only thing you dream about is the amazing big comfortable bed of your hotel room and a good tasteful room service.

If you travel for leisure and pleasure, room service might be the perfect occasion for a romantic evening, a way to rest after a long day of shopping and visits or of course if you have a small child, a way to keep an eye on him while he’s sleeping. For all these reasons and perhaps many more, there room service is something you will appreciate and enjoy in the hotel you stay. The Dorchester Collection hotels developed an amazing menu exclusively for room service. It is a signature collection of meals that you will be able to find in all hotels of the group. Remember that amazing sandwich you tried in Geneva? You can find it now elsewhere. Or that super healthy Minestrone you tried in Los Angeles? Now you have it at the Richemond Geneva. It is all about making you feel at home while traveling and also giving you a feeling of being reassured by something you already know from somewhere else. 3 meals were presented to us: Swiss Delice by Le Richemond Geneva, Butter lettuce Salad by the 45 Park Lane and a Garden Vegetable Soup by the Bel-Air Los Angeles. Here is a focus on the Swiss Delice.

Swiss Delice, sandwich as a Swiss masterpiece

Being proud of its Swiss roots, Le Richemond Geneva has being very active within the creation of one of the meals part of the room service signature collection. The Head Chef, Sylvain Bailly, created an amazing sandwich called Swiss Delice. This sandwich is noe part of this exclusive menu you might find in all Dorchester Collection hotels.




The Swiss Delice is a Wholemeal bread, Gruyère and Grison dried-beef. It was invented by Sylvain Bailly in Le Richemond. It is 100% Swiss. Only products from Switzerland. Sylvain Bailly explained that the bread was made with a special flour, labelled GRTA – Genève Region Terre d’Avenir. This is a label of guarantee created by the State of Geneva in 2004. The canton is the owner and guarantor of the label which enables consumers to identify products from the Geneva region. The GRTA label is granted to many different kinds of fresh and processed products. By facilitating consumer familiarity with local products, the GRTA label contributes to fostering closer links between farmers and residents in the region.You can read more here:ève-région-terre-avenir

Garden Vegetable Soup – Modern Minestrone

Chef Wolfgang Puck from Bel-Air Los Angeles hotel, created a healthy and tasty vegetable soup. Leeks, potatoes, onions,celery, courgettes, green beans, carrots and pistou. Healthy food for healthy people.


Butter lettuce salad by 45 Park Lane. Sculptural

The London 45 Park Lane chef thought that “simple is beautiful”. By creating a stunning tower of fresh ingredients, this salad is the perfect choice of a light meal or an accompaniment. Lettuce, Avocado, Point Reynes blue cheese, cherry tomatoes and herb vinaigrette.


With these amazing signature collection meals, The Dorchester collection hotels propose an amazing and beautiful experience to their guests. Ms. Lou -Salomé Genin, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Le Richemond explained that the aim of the Group is to take good care of its customers who travel around the world. By having this signature collection, it is a sort of reassuring familiarity that is provided to the regular customers. A meal that you love in the Los Angeles room service, now you can find it everywhere. It is a way to differentiate Dorchester Collection hotels from competition by proposing this great service.

Le Jardin, a little paradise in the heart of Geneva

Geneva has amazing restaurants, some are very local and others take inspiration from further lands. Geneva is one of the most international cities in Switzerland. More than 120 nationalities are present. This richness bring tremendous opportunities for restaurants to surprise you. And Le Jardin is one of these great surprises that Geneva has to offer. Located in the heart of Le Richemond Hotel, Le Jardin offers a very colorful and inventive cuisine sourcing inspiration in the Mediterranean region as well as in Switzerland. Master chef Sylvain Bailly explains that he likes to work with products that surround him because of their freshness and the valorization of local know-how. Supported by chef Philippe Bourrel (Le Jardin Chef), both have an amazing previous experience at Alain Ducasse and it is his lively, fresh and colorful style that these 2 culinary artists perpetuate year after year. The terrasse is a great asset during Spring and Summer time. Le Jardin has also a specificity for very special occasions: a private table. Up to 16 people, you can share a personal moment with your closest ones. The revelation of the Autumn Menu was a very special moment. Expectations are high for a 15/20 at the Gault & Millau restaurant. Here is the details.

Roasted Sea Scallops, potatoes gnocchi and white truffle.

By blending the Sea Scallops and the white Truffle, this is an amazing facetted meal. You need to love gastronomy to being able to develop such delicate meal. Well done.


Hay-Smoked Venison loin, grand veneur sauce, autumn vegetables

In Switzerland, when Autumn arrives, the hunting menu is a strong tradition. Every restaurant invites their customers to taste special meals based on hunted animals. Le Richemond has chosen Venison, which is very subtle and tasteful at the same time.


Chef-Confectioner Sébastien Quazzola, imagined 2 surprising deserts. The are all made of contrasts, for the pleasure of the eyes and the mouth. They look like contemporary sculptures made by artists. And artists they are.

Peppermint Pineapple carpaccio, exotic crumble and mango sorbet.

Exotic pleasure of tropical fruits highlighted by a crispy peppermint and a beautiful display. The Pineapple served in Carpaccio changes the appreciation in mouth for a delicious water-mouthering effect.


Poached Pear with Vanilla and Ginger, Crumble with sugared almonds, milk ice cream

A very romantic desert, like a fairy tale on a plate. It is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Poire pochée. The delicacy of this display, reveals great talent and you will be seduced right away.


Switzerland has true talents who know how to highlight the beauty of things. Precision, quality, passion, craftmanship are not only attributes dedicated to Swiss watchmaking. It is also in gastronomy. Le Richemond is one of the stars of Geneva. The Dorchester Collection hotels gather the best of the best of the Hotel industry. Talents are all over the world and it takes a lot of vision to collect them and make them work at their best. You can visit Le Richemond website to get more details about this amazing hotel in Geneva. You will discover many treasures like the Sisley Spa.

Bon appetite.



Info sourced at the exclusive event by Le Richemond. The hotel image source here. All images from the event by Sébastien Eich. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.