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as usual, here are the top articles of the week. They are the ones most viewed during the past 7 days.
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#1- Victorinox Tomo, the unboxing by Luxury Activist
Hi, this month the Makers of the Swiss Army knife, Victorinox, is launching a new product called Victorinox Tomo. It is the result of a beautiful collaboration between the Swiss brand and the Japanese design studio Abitax. 

#2- Elie Saab Le Parfum, pure elegance
We have this month the launch of the first fragrance of the beautiful brand Elie Saab. It is called Elie Saab Le Parfum (the fragrance in french).
elie saab advertising le parfum


#3- Atelier Evanessence, a journey in the heart of perfumes

France is the land of perfumery. Historically speaking, the Egyptians invented perfumery but French leveled it up to an Art. In Strasbourg, capital of Europe, I discovered a passionate experience proposed by Atelier Evanessence. It is a journey into the heart of perfumes.
Atelier Evanessence

#4- Sally Mann, photographer of a lifetime
Sally Mann is very well known for her work on family (her own) and her home land, Virginia. Her work generated a lot of controversia because of the uncomfortable reactions the photos caused.

#5- Sisley 2011 new product launch – Exclusive
Sisley revealed the launch, next september, of 2 great products: SKINLEŸA, an anti-aging lift foundation and BLACK ROSE CREAM MASK, a real fountain of youth.