Photography 2012 – editor’s highlights

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Fromscouting rising young talents around the globe as always, including Serbian photographerMarija Strajnicshooting emotive snaps from her life, the NY-based, Ryan McGinley-assistingPeter Kaadenexploring alt porn, andJukka Ovaskainen‘s 90s depiction of the Finnish countryside- todocumenting girl skaters in our nativeLondon,Swedenand Denmark, it’s been one hell of a journey with the most exciting new photographers we met this year.

Elsewhere, huge cult icons like the high-punk collagistLinder Sterling
spoke to us about her love of ballet in our extended interview, whilst everyone’s favourite ‘master‘ of the raw, over-exposed aesthetic,Juergen Tellerguided us through his Irene im Wald project created as a love letter to his mother. We dove headfirst into legendary 70s photographerWalter Pfeiffer‘s vivacious, colourful world, and met the celebrated feminine photographer/directorEllen von Unwerth, to speak about the erotic fantasy narratives of her personal project ‘Do Not Disturb!‘.

Our hugely popular Zine Watch series found the best in zine culture, bringing to light the tasteful food journal, The Gourmand,to the 62nd Floor‘sartful nudity,Igor Termenon’s titilatingGirls on Film, and thefive volume project, I Think We’re Alone Now. Personal favourites included our meeting with the king of cut-up photography, John Stezaker, known for his manipulation of vintage images of forgotten film stars in bygone eras as he won theDeutsche Brse Photography Prize 2012
. Plus as the Curiosity Rover landed in August, all eyes were on Mars, including ours (#nerds) as we discovered rare NASA photos from the 1970s in London/Munich galleryDaniel Blau’s exhibitionrestructuringdetailed photographs taken by the Mariner 4 and Viking 1 missions.

Last but not least, we ended things this year by bringing out the big guns with our favourite kinds of pics – MOVING ONES. We got afashion blogger, a certified GIF designer and a video artist to bring youGIF-mas! You’re welcome.

Peter Kaaden

We meet the German-born, New York-based photographer working with Ryan McGinley who exploreshis love of nudity and alt porn

Juergen Teller: Irene im Wald

The photographer on the importance of family and going back to his roots

Q&A: Walter Pfeiffer

A peek into the private world of fashion’s greatest underground photographer, as featured in the October issue of Dazed & Confused

Ellen von Unwerth

We speak to the international photographer about the fantasy narrative of her recent personal project

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Photography 2012 – editor’s highlights


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