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victorinox logoWho does not know the famous Swiss Army Knife ? For more than 125 years, men always had this incredible pocket tool as a loyal companion during travelling, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing… well as soon as adventure knocks the door. Even if lots of people knows about the Swiss Army knife, only a few knows the name of Victorinox. The small swiss company founded at the end of the 19th century became one the most beautiful success story Switzerland created. Today different product categories exist at Victorinox : Fashion, Luggage, Fragrances, Knives of course and Watches. In order to unite heritage from the past and true innovation, Victorinox created a Travel watch, the ideal companion for short or/and long adventures around the world.

Victorinox Travel Alarm 1884What happens if a Master Horloger and a Master Cutler meet ? Well, we have a brillant, original and clever Masterpiece. The engineers succeeded to implement the principle of the retractable blade to the design of a stylish travel alarm. Victorinox produced it as a very limited edition, as only 1884 units were produced in the world.  To know more about this beautiful creation, follow up this link.

Here are some pictures, revealing all the beautiful details. What I like the most ? The sound of it when it closes or opens… it sounds like a Swiss Army Knife!

Travel Alarm 1884 detailsVictorinox Travel Alarm detail
source: VSA Official Blog

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