Botanical D-Tox by Sisley, give your skin a good rest.

Sisley is launching next february a new “rescue” skincare product called Botanical D-Tox – Detoxifying night treatment.

Botanical_Dtox Sisley

Give your skin a break thanks to this new treatment by Sisley Cosmetics. The Botanical D-Tox by Sisley is a “Beautiful skin” cure program which all women need when suffering from Exhaustion.

The interest if this product is that Sisley Research identified 3 major steps in the skin’s detoxication chain. This understanding helped Sisley Labs to create the perfect treatment just by boosting the natural process.


Step 1: Cells are detoxified deep down and deteriorated proteins are washed away.
Our Skin produces a substance called Proteasome. This substance is responsible for the cleaning of deteriorated proteins. Sisley is adding a new active ingredient to its cosmetic palette. It is the Rice peptide extract. This new ingredient contains high-tech plant-based peptides that will stimulate the activity of proteasome.

Step 2: The Skin has a natural defense system against Free Radicals.
Everyday our skin is oxidized due to our lifestyle but also environmental conditions. The natural defense system limits the damages thanks to proteins, membrane lipids or even cellular DNA. However we also know that a extraordinary period of stress and overwork amplifies this process and the skin cannot recover by itself. That is why Sisley added Einkorn Wheat extract to the Botanical D-Tox Formula. It strengthens the detoxifying process by mimicking the cells natural antioxidant activity.

Step 3: The elimination of toxins
Our skin eliminates toxins thanks to the microcirculation. And when there is too much of toxins due to an intense stress, the natural elimination process does not match the needs, so toxins accumulate and your skin looks awful. So thanks to the addition of Ginko Biloba into the Botanical D-Tox formula, the skin’s microcirculation is stimulated and the evacuation of toxins improved. Your skin can then recover its freshness and radiance.

And as usual with Sisley, reading the ingredients list is just a botanical marvelous journey. In addition to the previous 3 main actives, the formula of Botanical D-Tox was enriched with:
• Extract of Rosemary leaves: particularly stimulating in periods of fatigue.
• Essential oils of Sage and Rosemary: toning and purifying.
• Extract of Hops: revitalising.
• Vegetable Glycerine to moisturise.
• Extract of Matricaria blossom to soothe and soften.
• Essential oils of Lavender and Marjoram to calm and balance.
• Shea butter to nourish and regenerate.
• Sunflower oil to nourish, soften and revitalise.

So according to Ms Sonja Glavas, Marketing and PR Manager at Sisley Switzerland, you can replace your regular night treatment by the new Botanical D-Tox. You use it as a “30 days treatment” and then you can get back to your regular care.

In addition to the Botanical D-Tox, you could strenghts up the effect by adding the current Sisleÿa Elixir under your daily cream. But normally it should not be necessary.
To the question : “Why a night treatment and not a day protection?”, Ms Glavas answered that the night is the best moment to interact with one’s skin. During the night, our skin put in place different processes, from healing to regeneration up to detoxication. The new Botanical D-Tox acts as a natural booster, so that is why its efficiency is at its best during the night.



Botanical D-Tox is a perfect rescue cure. In just a few days your skin looks more beautiful and purified. It is a real skin booster that you can use in order to recharge your skin batteries. Considered as a Global treatment, it is adapted to all skins, all ages and you can use it at any season. Very fluid, the application of this formula is easy, non-oily and perfect if you are traveling.
The texture is quite surprising. You get a true freshness effect not only when you apply the product but also for a while after application. It penetrates almost instantaneously in the skin. Right away, you can feel your skin softener and unified. Really impressive.
Sisley advices to use the new Botanical D-Tox as a 4 weeks night cure. You can use it every time after a long stressful period.

Aligned with the Sisley graphic chart, we can nevertheless highlight this crispy fresh green color of the cap. It contrasts with the White color of the packaging.
It is available on a 30ML pump-dispenser bottle, so practical, modern and clean.


It will be available next month in all official Sisley points of sales. The recommended retail price is 209 CHF / 170 € / 226 $.
You can check the brand website for more information about Sisley here: 

So, give your skin a break and get back your beautiful look thanks to Botanical D-Tox.
Info sourced at the Brand official presentation. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.



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Hello LA,

First, I hope all is well with you. Second, thank you so much for informing us about Sisley’s new product. I have a question: How is this new product different from the Sisley Night Complex? [grean bottle pump, 30ml] I realize the night complex is to be used for 10 consecutive days, not 30. But besides that, what are the differences? Will Sisley then be discontinuing the Night Complex? …just wondering..

I look forward to trying this product when it is released.

All the best,


posted by Josef / 02.01.13 - 23 h 25 min

Hello Josef,
thanks for your message. Your question is an interesting one. I asked the brand for their position on this.
On my humble opinion, there are 2 interesting topics that differentiate the 2 product.
Night complex seems for me to be more for a mature skin and for a quicker result as a helper to the regular anti-aging cream.
The Botanical D-Tox can easily be used by younger skins and it is more a “in depth” cure.
I do not know if the Brand would say the same thing. So as soon as I have the Brand’s answer I will post it here, so we can compare. If you also have an opinion, do not hesitate to share it. Talk to you soon, hopefully still this week.

posted by LuxuryActivist / 02.05.13 - 0 h 29 min

Hi LA,

Thanks so much for your take on the differences between Night Complex and Botanical D-Tox. I requested samples of the latter from a store in Europe since it not yet on the counters here in the US. I like using the Night Complex alone at night without a moisturiser to follow. It is great to use even for those like you and me who do not have mature skin. The Sisley Eye and Lip Contour Complex is also great and has a similar scent to that of the Night Complex. I use this product at night only. It is dynamite as well. I do not mind the smell of the Night Complex.

Have you tried the Botanical D-Tox? If so, was it comparable to the Noght Complex? Do you think Sisley will slowly phase out the Night Complex?

Thanks once again for your input.

All the best,


posted by Josef / 02.05.13 - 3 h 19 min

Dear Josef,
got the answer from Sisley:

“Botanical D-Tox contains the new active ingredient Rice peptide extract, which stimulates the activity of proteasome, a kind of cellular dustman. This ingredient enables the cells to detoxify themselves. In comparison to the Night Complex, the detoxifying effect is softer and “from inside out”. Therefore, the stimulation of the detoxifying process is more efficient over a period of 30 nights instead of 10 nights. The night complex is accelerating mainly the elimination process of the skin which can lead to spots. Its strongly stimulating formula is therefore advised for 10 consecutive nights only.
In the Swiss Market, the Night Complex will still be available until June of this year and then be discontinued.”

I thanks Ms Sonja Glavas, from Sisley, for her time and professionalism.
So I think the answer is quite clear right ;-)

posted by LuxuryActivist / 02.05.13 - 22 h 24 min

Hello LA,

Thank you so much for your clear explanation. Sisley is an excellent brand. I am absolutely addicted to the line!

All the best,


posted by Josef / 02.06.13 - 0 h 37 min

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