About us

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Luxury Activist is a lifestyle online independent magazine about luxury based in Switzerland. We are proud to be in Switzerland and contribute to the quality of the Online Swiss Press. The website conception is Swiss and the hosting is also in Switzerland. So you are browsing a 100% Swiss made website. Welcome.

Luxury Activist is ranked in the TOP75 best luxury and fashion blogs on the planet. The ranking was done by Feedspot based on several data and criteria. Our webzine is ranked number 18.


Why Luxury Activist ? Because too many people are fascinated or blinded by the glitters and sparkles of luxury. Luxury is a true activity made possible by the talent, the passion and the personal investment or people with high added-value skills. The more we explain and educate people, the more we can all better enjoy Luxury… and What is luxury ? Good question.

Readers from all over the world enjoy our articles and the tone of our writing. We are member of the Swiss Electronic Press and Media of Syndicom. We proudly advocate for Electronic Press quality based on real expertise and point of view. We believe at LuxuryActivist that Internet is an amazing way to share information with people from all over the world and that Mass-Media does not mean poor quality, at the contrary. We feel responsible for what we write and stand for all articles published here.

José Amorim founded LuxuryActivist.com back in 2011 and since then, other authors joined the team. They all have the same spirit: share their passion for beautiful things.

José Amorim writes exclusively about luxury in general, arts, fashion, beauty, travel and High-tech.

Sébastien Eich and Arsène Wargas, write about watches and watchmaking. Sébastien is based in Switzerland while Arsène is based in Paris.

Liz, Carol or Daniel are outsiders from the team, still doing an amazing job around lifestyle with some articles every year.