Green Notes

Planet Earth First signage sticked in gray post outdoors

A Future Sustained: Unveiling the Concept of Strong Sustainability

Dive into the essence of Strong Sustainability! Discover why preserving our natural capital is crucial for a balanced & resilient future!

Climate Change and the Transformation of Holiday Paradigms: New Destinations and New Habits.

Embark on a thrilling voyage as we uncover the future of holidays amidst climate change - from snowless mountain peaks to spring beach escapes!

Eco-Anxiety: The New Health Condition of the Century

Do you feel Eco-anxious? Here is a guide to help identify the challenge. Very good tips to better manage your eco-anxiety.

Good news #1: The Rhino population has increased this year for the first time.

Rhinos rise, a dance of resilience & hope! Dive into a tale of triumph, echoing the heartbeat of a rejuvenated wilderness.

Green Friday: A much better option for the planet.

Choose purpose over purchase this Black Friday. Step back from fleeting deals and invest in a sustainable future. Be the change