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The St. Moritz Art Masters Foundation (SAM Foundation) was established in 2009 by the founders of St. Moritz Art Masters. The Foundation supports and shows projects of exceptional, national and international rising artists focusing on the global “language” of culture. Artists and selected projects shall be given the opportunity to present themselves during St. Moritz Art Masters and to use the network of the platform.

Every year, in one of the most prestigious and beautiful natural spots in the heart of Swiss Alps, visitors can discover amazing artists from all over the world. That’s St Moritz Art Masters.

You can see here the highlights of last year in which China was celebrated.

This year it is time for another giant country to express its artistic specificity: INDIA.



From August 22nd to August 31st, St Moritz celebrates the end of the summer with one of the most prestigious Art festival in Europe. The festival focus this year in India but not only. You will be able to see a tremendous choice of international contemporary art exhibition and projects. The entire city of St Moritz becomes an open art gallery. Public places, churches, private homes and of course all art galleries are open to let you discover unique artwork.

Maqbool-Fida-Husain-St-Moritz-Art-Masters Ranbir-Kaleka-St-Moritz-Art-Masters

The new scene for Indian artists is different from many others. They completely abandoned the “colonial period strings” to focus on what is coming ahead. Never modern and contemporary art have been so free from the past and all the artworks presented will project visitors to a possible future or on a deep thinking on today’s world.

Three site-specific projects by Shilpa Gupta, Subodh Gupta and Nalini Malani, all of them curated by Birgid Uccia, address transcultural issues, ranging from contemporizing Western and Eastern myths and rituals to transgressing national borders and cultural stereotypes.



As part of the India theme, visitors will be able to see the Choudhrie family’s art private collection. It is one of the most important private collections based on works of Indian modern art. The exhibition is curated by Paresh Maity and Anita Choudhrie in person.

This year, St. Moritz Art Masters also presents a tent installation by American artist Francesco Clemente. He creates these tents in India and refers to them as „cave paintings“ or „mobile chapels.“ Clemente’s tents take us to a place of silence and contemplation.


One of the main installations at the St Moritz Art Masters is the Music Room. A film installation by Matthias Brunner is staged in the recently restored PARACELSUS building in St. Moritz Bad to honor Bengali director Satyajit Ray. THE MUSIC ROOM, which is his most impactful work, opens this film series (1958 – 2013), presenting the best Indian film from each decade.

The full program will be released in July. In the meantime you can see all about the festival on the official website:


Extend your summer by celebrating art and culture in the heart of Swiss Alps, at St Moritz Art Masters.


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