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Andy Gott, one of the most talented photographers of his generation is presenting a new exhibition called “Behind the scenes”. It is taking place at

Hollywood land of stars

Hollywood was always full of stars. From Glamour to drama, every decade held its legends. Some of them were a star for one film, others last … For ever. Most of them were iconized thanks to the talent of more or less known photographers. We all have in mind iconic portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, or more recently Sharon Stone, Robert de Niro or Nicole Kidman. Some of those photographies contributed to starrify those people, and some of these portraits became even pieces of Art. And I would not even talk about the work of certain artists like Warhol. But after a while, those portraits are delivered with no surprises. It means that nothing really different pops up and then the cliché starts. That’s why the work of Andy Gott is crucial.

Andy Gott and the black & white portrait

Andy Gott is away from clichés. The black and white portrait is a difficult exercise. There is no color to mask untalented photographers and the attention of the viewer goes directly to the quality of the exercise. No cheating. First you need a great model, with a great attitude. And then you need to master perfectly the art of Photography. And the more your model can be a cliché, the more talented you need to be. And this is the case of Andy Gott.
For the past 20 years he photographed the most well-known Hollywood stars in a way that only him could get. He knowns how to enter the level of intimacy required to obtain something more than a red lipstick or a black tie. The new generation of photographers have much to learn as they all get influenced by fashion standards without going a little step further. Andy Gott transcends the moment to capture a hint of what can be behind the mask of celebrity. His portraits are fascinating and now we are celebrating his work through a new art exhibition in London.

‘Behind The Mask’ new exhibition

At the Somerset House in London you will be able to see until February 7th, a collection of portraits done of the winners or nominees of the Bafta (British Academy for Film and Television arts) in the past years.



Somerset House
Strand, London, WC2R 1LA – BAFTA Exhibition.
From January 20th to February 7th 2014.

Get inspired.

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