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Erik Johansson is a photographer, born in Sweden, living in Berlin – Germany. His work is based in photo-montage and retouching. For him photography is a way to obtain the translation on an idea. He says that most of the work of photographers ends once you press the button of the camera. For him that’s when his work starts. I discovered him during one TED’s TALK in which he presented his work.

Lots of photographers work with photo-montage but the specificity of Erik Johansson is that there is always a perfect idea behind. We could almost describe it as a sort of Daily poetry. There is a strong aesthetics, lots of details and somehow a vision of our daily lives. And this remains his strongest source for inspiration.

Erik Johansson works mostly on personal and commissioned projects and has a nice website in which you can discover his work and even buy them online. 3 different formats A4, A3 and A2.

It is a clever and lovely way to escape the daily reality by twisting a little bit some natural rules like gravity, 3 dimensional perspectives but above all, always an original angle. Check here one of my preferred photos:

Go your own Road

Fishy Island

Arms break, Vases don’t

Penrose Lego

Roadworkers Coffee break

Vertical Turn


Amazing work for a different reality, not that far from ours… in a certain way.


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