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This month, there is the opening of a special place in Paris. It is called Le Purgatoire which means Purgatory in french. Well it could look like the doors of hell but finally it is more a taste of paradise that you can get from there. It is a new space, arranged as a Loft at 54, Rue Paradis in Paris – France. I do not need to explain the exquisite play in words between the name and the address.

Le Purgatoire logo

Le Purgatoire

Alain CirelliBasically it is a 100m2 for Receptions, shows and artistic exhibitions. When modern gastronomy meets Contemporary Art. The place was opened thanks to the aim of Alain Cirelli, a genius famous french chef. He started his profession at Lasserre in 1983 and since then he never stopped creating and being entrepreneurial. After many years of successes, he opens Le Purgatoire. A wide space in the city center of Paris, dedicated to Arts… culinary and contemporary.

Alain Cirelli and his team welcome you in a former ceramics factory of 260m2, previously specialized in tableware.
Le Purgatoire – 54 rue de Paradis is primarily designed as an open space free of all constraints. there is a flexible space of 100m2, with a height of 4m30 under the ceiling, offers the possibility to appropriate places in all circumstances for art installations, concerts,meetings, fashion shows, showrooms, or pop up stores.

A culinary space with a modern “haute-gastronomie” style has a large kitchen-apartment of 80m2 and 20m2 intimate kitchen. A spirit of conviviality prevails in this warm and bright place when everything has been designed for the well being of the guests. Cooking classes, wine tasting, mixology, culinary challenges, art installations, the possibilities are endless and just waiting to be invented …

Is this “another” art gallery or worst, “another cooking lessons” ? Fortunately the answer is NO. This is a new lifestyle place for an eclectic urban audience. It can be the public as well as companies. It is a place in which Arts blends, kind of “sliding doors” in Arts. Here are some photos of the place.

Le PurgatoireLe Purgatoire





























Le Purgatoire 54 rue paradis

















Le Purgatoire

Culinary Art never was more lifestyle than here. Alain Cirelli has chosen to associate Elegangz and Bonsoir Paris to his plan in order to give an important artistic dimension. Purgatory – 54 Paradise will welcome each year half a dozen exhibitions beginning with the collective Bonsoir Paris (who also signs the logo and the identity of the place) in October and November.
Photo, painting, sculpture, graphic design, art direction of the place will be open-minded but always ambitious and will provide a sup-plement soul to this place already singular.

The public can visit this place each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 13h to 19h.
Please check the official website for more information:


Here is the address:

Le Purgatoire
54, Rue Paradis
75010 Paris – France



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