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This month, Opera Gallery in Geneva is revealing a new exhibition called Monochromaniac. This new art exhibition opens the new space. Opera Gallery Geneva renovated its space in the summer, making it more clear, bright, airy and perfectly sober to put artwork in value.



Opera Gallery is an international group of art founded in 1994 by Gilles Dyan, an expert in modern and contemporary art and a member of the European Chamber of Chartered Consulting Works of Art galleries. There are now 11 Opera Gallery in the world: Geneva, Paris, Monaco, London, New York, Miami, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Offering artworks of exceedingly high quality the gallery has a reputation for excellence, integrity and discretion that it continues to earn by providing a high level of service to understandably demanding clients. Opera Gallery will assess quality and authenticity, evaluate, exhibit, care for, buy and sell art principally for the benefit of the collector. The Geneva Gallery already hosted exhibitions for Marc Chagall, Fernando Botero or Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Geneva Opera Gallery, located in the heart of the city, Place Longemalle is open since 2009 and is led by Jordan Lahmi. It presents a public amateurs and collectors both private and public, a permanent exhibition of works by master and contemporary as well as personal, group or thematic exhibitions such Monochromaniac artists.

With this new exhibition, Monochromaniac, you will be able to see around 40 amazing artworks from modern and contemporary artists. Mystical, infinite, invisible, ineffable, pure – the monochrome work is far from monotonous or uniform. Although by definition a monochrome work is made ​​from a unique color or nuance, its world is full of surprises.

Monochromatic painting has been an important component of avant-garde visual art throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century. Painters have created the exploration of one color, the examination of values changing across a surface, the expressivity of texture and nuance, expressing a wide variety of emotions, intentions and meanings in a wide variety of ways and means. From geometric precision to expressionism, the monochrome has proved to be a durable idiom in Contemporary art. Monochrome painting was initiated at the first Incoherent arts’ exhibition in 1882 in Paris, with a black painting by poet Paul Bilhaud entitled “Combat de Nègres dans un tunnel” (Negroes fight in a tunnel). In the subsequent exhibitions of the Incoherent arts (also in the 1880s) the writer Alphonse Allais proposed seven other monochrome paintings, such as “Première communion de jeunes filles chlorotiques par un temps de neige” (“First communion of anaemic young girls in the snow”, white), or “Récolte de la tomate par des cardinaux apoplectiques au bord de la Mer Rouge” (“Tomato harvesting by apoplectic cardinals on the shore of the Red Sea”, red). However, this kind of activity bears more similarity to 20th century Dada, or Neo-Dada, and particularly the works of the Fluxus group of the 1960s, than to 20th century monochrome painting since Malevich.

Opera Gallery Geneva invites the public to dive into the pure universe of artists like Yves Klein, Pierre Soulages, Anish Kapoor, Lucio Fontana, Umberto Mariani, Anselm Reyle or Yayoi Kusama. 

Pierre Soulages
Simon Hantaï
Simon Hantaï

The exhibition is taking place until October 18th 2014, so you still have 2 weeks to go. To learn more about the art gallery you can visit the official website here:

Place Longemalle 10-12
1204 Geneve

Monochromatic art is one of the key pillars of the modern and contemporary art period. By visiting this exhibition you will be able to see some of the best examples, true references for this art. So if you are in Geneva, do not hesitate to visit Opera Gallery.



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