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In this beginning of the year, do not try to visit the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. In deed you will most likely find the door closed. In deed the establishment started a full reconstruction. Only the restaurant, Tokyo Eat is open during the rebuilding process. It will last until April 2012. See here the official message found in the official website:

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To recap, Palais de Tokyo is probably one of the most interesting places in Europe for Contemporary art. Building on its years of success, in 2012 the Palais de Tokyo will become one of the largest sites devoted to contemporary creativity in Europe. It will now extend down to the Seine, and its surface area will expand from 8,000 sq. m. to 22,000 sq. m. The public will be able to explore new ways of behaving, new forms, new languages, and new beauties even more than before.
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info sourced at Palais de Tokyo official website