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Since 2010, the mor.charpentier art gallery in Paris has been differentiating itself, from other established galleries,  by their choice of artists and exhibitions. Discover this fall their new exhibition called Palimpsestes. In order to understand the relationship between art and politics, the starting point is the political language. From September 7th until November 9th 2013.


9 artists from several places and periods who translate the emotional power of politics into different supports. Interesting contrast between art, supposed to be beautiful and “artistic” and the subject called politic. In this case could we consider the artist as a revolutionary? Here some examples of some works you can see in this interesting exhibition.

The Meat Map by Charwei Tsai

In this work, called Meat Map, as you can see above, taiwan-born artist Charwei Tsai represent the map of China with raw meat. It is a strong symbol of paradox. In one side, we can see the cruelty in many aspects of the communist system in China. In another side we could see the aim of the party, here linked to the idea of nation, to be immortal. Of course, depending on which position you are, you might have your own interpretation. This is one of the strongest work by Charwei Tsai. She also made public performances in places like Tokyo in 2008 in order to push people to think about what is happening in China. Photo here below of this performance.
Charwei Tsai Meat map performance tokyo 2008

Another interesting work presented at the mor.charpentier gallery this fall is Maria Elvira Escallón installation called Polvo Eres. You can see a video of the carving of these words, Polvo Eres, on a wall in a central hall of an abandoned hospital in Colombia. This basically makes a biblical reference to show the failure of an entire system.


Born in London but living and working in Bogota, Colombia, Maria Elvira Escallón keeps a clever look on the government policy towards education, health and security. She studied psychology before choosing Arts, so her work is meant to bring you a feeling that should make you think about what you see in relation to your own existence.

Another interesting artistic work, completely aligned with the air of times, it is the Unclassified, Secret, Confidential: Outgoing Message by Voluspa Jarpa. See below:


This triptique is laser acrylic cuts from recent declassified CIA documents.  Voluspa Jarpa was born in Chile in the 70’s. He lives and work in Santiago. This interesting work evokes all the intelligence work done by the CIA in Latin America, like if part of those countries’s history. Of course as all this was kept secret, it is like if certain pieces of the puzzle would never be found. So part of our history will be missing.

Last work highlighted here is called: “quelque chose” by Julieta Hanono. These 2 words mean litteraly “Something” in french. OF course in this precise context, it makes a direct reference to Lacan’s defition of this word. According to him, before any major event, revolution or even natural, there is “something” that is at the origin of the following events,actions.


Julieta Hanono was born in Buenos Aires in 1962. When she turned 16, she was put in prison for 13 month by the military dictatorial system. In 1990 she moved to Paris and since 2004 she is back to Argentina. All her work as an artist is influenced by her dark period during the dictature. It is also in a certain way to unveil what was hidden for so many years.

I would also add that the installation in the mor.charpentier gallery is also very interesting as the artists work are completely well highlighted. The purity of the white walls, like a white page in which we would write, sometimes with blood, the words of politics.

Palimpsestes-installation-2 Palimpsestes-installation-3 Palimpsestes-installation

Palimpsestes – Mor Charpentier art gallery
From September 7th until November 9th 2013
for more information: 
8, rue Saint-Claude
Paris, France 75003
+33 (0) 1 44 54 01 58

This is definitely a nice exhibition to visit, so that you feed your spirit with a certain idea of revolution?


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