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Following Stasha’s last sell out exhibitions REACTION in 2005 and SOFT in 2006, she is once again taking the London art scene by storm with her new vibrant collection of work, simply called COLOUR.

Stasha – Rainbow 250cm x 200cm, Acrylic on canvas

Her style is a complete freedom on the movements. Her creative mind liberates the artist paintbrush to a very original artwork. In this new exhibition, colour is honored. It is an interesting work, between abstraction, expressionism and the courage of Rothco in terms of colours.

When compared to her last two shows, Stasha explains why this collection is so different:

I stood in this bright white room, a total blank canvas…so unlike the past two exhibitions because they were both painted outside in the garden…REACTION – a burst of energy and passion…SOFT – inspired by the beautiful spring blossoms that fell as I painted…but here I was, inside, in a white room…and all I could think of was COLOUR. Colour colour colour, like a balm. Like life. Like living, being alive….Colour from the inside of me just poured out and time and time again I let myself get totally lost in the moment…and very soon, my white room was no longer white….but filled instead with so many beautiful colours.”

Stasha – Neighbours 120cm x 120cm, Acrylic on canvas

Stasha once again employs her trademark technique of “freestyle painting” without the use of conventional brushes, working with acrylic paints and water on canvas; using the floor, rather than an easel:

Only very rarely do I use an actual brush. I like to use my hands. I like to feel the paint, use my fingers, my weight. I do not have the patience to sit still with a brush. What I see comes out far too quickly….

With some of the canvases measuring up to 7x8ft, Stasha used planks of wood to move around the entire width of the canvases until she got what she wanted: “With a foot balancing on an edge, helping the painting along a little, like a river, ‘till it flows just right. I tilt this way and that, centimetre angles, whatever it needs…I will not, can not, leave my canvases until I am sure they have settled.

Stasha – Electric 159cm x 159cm, Acrylic on canvas

With this unusual style of painting, it seems that Stasha never sits still for too long: “The only time I am still is at the very beginning, where, cup of tea in hand, I make myself sit in front of a beautiful blank white canvas, look at it until I see what I see and can stand it no longer, normally the length of a cigarette. Then I start!”

Stasha lives in St. John’s Wood, north London with her partner Tony and their three children; Jonah, Jordan and Lily and their dogs; Carling, Johnny and Burmese cat, Romeo.

COLOUR- An exhibition by Stasha will be on show at The Gallery in Cork Street from June 4th- 9th , with a second surmised viewing at the
Imitate Modern Gallery, June 24th- 29th 2012.

Colour up your life!


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