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The Nevica Project is probably an unique art gallery in which all exhibitions are online. The Nevica Project was created by Jayson Lawfer, experienced in the world of Arts, accomplished artists (Ceramic) and Curator for several exhibitions.

This month we can discover new pottery by Kenyon Hansen and drawings by Veronica Bruce. According to Jayson Lawfer:
“These are debut exhibitions (with TNP) by both artists and we couldn’t be more impressed. Both artists are creating quite a buzz in their respectable fields. They have been traveling, gaining experience through artist residencies, securing key exhibition opportunities and making confident work. Kenyon has shipped all his pieces here to Chicago, so please contact us if you would like to view them in person. Veronica has a studio here in the city and we will be setting up studio visits throughout the month.”

This exhibition features 11 recent drawings created by Veronica while she was a resident artist at Bundanon Trust in New South Wales Australia. Veronica submitted an application last year to be represented by The Nevica Project and it has been pure bliss to work with her. She is constantly creating, has great energy and generates an aura of professionalism with all aspects of her career.

This exhibition features 17 marvelous pieces of pottery. I have been watching Kenyon’s work evolve over the past few years and I am so impressed with where he is at in his career. We asked him to consider being a part of The Nevica Project and he agreed to set aside some of his best pieces from each firing of the last six months. This show is an examination of some of his best work!

Do not hesitate to connect to and have a look into the different galleries. Once you find a Artwork that you like, you can send an email in order to get the price and the link to place an order.

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