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Hi, I wrote last year an article about The Nevica Project. It is the first online Art Gallerist (and not only gallery). It is an interesting project created by Jayson Lawfer. He has a great experience in the world of Arts as he spent most of his career as an accomplished artists (Ceramic) and as a Curator for several exhibitions. So you can find great artists online exhibitions, contact the team and propose an offer or event give them a mission to find the rare artifact you are desperately looking for.

warren MacKenzie
source: The Nevica Project

As the founder is a Ceramic artist, of course he gets personal invested with certain artist like Warren MacKenzie, the american god of Craft Potter. Mr. Mackenzie is the new online exhibition at The Nevica Project.

The artist was born in February 1924 in Illinois. He studied with Bernhard Howell Leach (the father of british studio pottery) from 1949 to 1952. Warren MacKenzie got inspired by the asianwarren mackenzie fluid design and especially the Mingei style. Mingei means Popular art made by the people and this reflects marvelously all MacKenzie work. although most of his artwork can be found in museums around the world, his talent consists to find the sublime in daily objects. The artist describe himself as the maker of everyday pots. You can discover some of his work

Find here the exhibition list and do not hesitate to contact the Nevica team for further information.

Next exhibition to come on Nevica, Andy Warhol.