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Summer is already bursting into your agenda and you start defining what to wear, where to go, what to eat and drink… After our review on the hot places to go this summer and the nail polish trends for this year, here is our top 10 trends in terms of colors for the perfect summer lipstick. This useful guide will drive you around hundreds of new launches and hopefully will help you choose.

1- Double tone, the new thing in lipstick

Sometimes it is hard to choose between 2 tones of reds or 2 tones of pink… Well why choose? This summer you should use both. You can play with a Color Block style in order to create a sophisticated effect.



2- Cherry is the color of passion

Red is over, let’s talk about Cherry red.  This is the perfect summer shade as it has both the shinning, the brightness and the intensity. The difficulty with the cherry color is that there are several. Some of them are brighter than others like cherry actually. So you will need to try different ones and see which one matches your natural color.



3- “Vieux Rose” is back to stay

While year after year pink lipsticks evolved towards more brightness and shinning, this summer there is a return to a more dusty pink, which French would call “Vieux Rose”. This color provide a certain sensuality with restreint. It emphasizes the carnal aspect of your lips without being too over the top. Depending on the rest of your make up, you can either play it very natural or quite sophisticated.


4- Coral is  not only at see, it is also in your lips

Summer is the right time to enrich your lipstick color palette with audacious colors like Coral. Great alternative of Red, allowing to play with more orange colors without being too fluo. It helps to obtain a sophisticated look without the need to make up too much the rest of your face and eyes. Again here several coral colors exist, you will need to try a few before finding your best.


5- Soft Tangerine, a darker orange

In case you think orange is not your best color and that Coral is by far not a trend you wish to follow, then this is for you. Some beauty experts call it Soft Tangerine, we could summarize it as dark orange. It


6- Mate Lipstick, playing with nuances

Something that is not completely new but is coming this summer very strongly is the mate lipsticks. For evenings or for a very natural “fake-nude” look, you can play with different tones of red. It can also highlight the beauty of your lips but be careful, they need to be impeccable.


7- Fuchsia Vamp, glamour is not red… not quite.

Red seems not quite the color of the season. Variations of red seem taking more space in the trend landscape. Fuchsia is for sure the most audacious option for this summer season but playing it well you will have a great look. The vibrancy of the color plays well with the aim of this season.


8- Shiny nude, a new nude.

Nude was the big trend 4 years ago. Since then, this minimal natural look installed itself in the ongoing basics. Each year nude is reinvented to bring a new facet or a new effect. This summer nude will be shiny, sparkling, dazzling for a fresh and dynamic effect.


9- Metallic Red for modern amazones

Remember that delicious Red apple from Snow White? Well, here we are. The Metallic red trend proposes delicious and sulfurous red lips that anyone would be damned to bite. It is by far the most glamorous option this summer and you will need to find the right context to wear it. Summer Glamour.


10- Electric Orange, youth and vibrancy

Let’s end up our top 10 best lipstick colors with the most electric one: Orange. After being a lot used in Spring-Summer 2017 fashion shows, now the electric orange color is coming to the clients palette. No matter if you have a casual look or a night out dress, electric orange lipstick will underline your look with a touch of fun and sophistication.


This summer, girls will have lots of fun as colors are bright, intense, carnal and feminine. If the eyes are windows to the soul, your lips are doors to your heart. So express your mood, your feelings by highlighting your lips with the right color.

José Amorim

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