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Beauty-trendsWe all need a bit of pampering now and then. Whether we treat ourselves to a gift to raise our happiness a little, or we go all out on a luxury pampering in order to bring our self-esteem up, it is important to make ourselves feel special sometimes. There’s nothing quite like indulging in a few of the latest and most luxurious home beauty trends.

The worlds of beauty and fashion, for both men and women, are a constant stream of new trends and ideas. Most of these will burn out and fade away before anyone really notices their existence. Often, there is a good reason that fads die out, and in some cases, the ones that survive seem to defy all rational explanation. The following trends represent the latest ways that the average fashion-conscious individual can find luxury beauty products without the enormous price tag.

Masks and Patches

Ever since the rise of the face mask selfie across Instagram and similar platforms, retailers have been struggling to keep up with consumer demand. Masks are proving to be one of the biggest and most prominent beauty trends so far of 2018. Not only is the market for beauty masks growing, it is also expanding and evolving.

Masks can be used for specific conditions, or as a more general anti-aging product. They are also increasingly coming in the form of patches, designed to be used on areas of the body other than the face. Chest, arm, and breast, patches are all becoming an increasingly common sight, and are certainly winning their place in the hearts of customers.

Vitamins and Minerals

Everyone has been aware of the potential that vitamins have for improving and restoring our general health, and in alleviating specific ailments. Vitamins are increasingly being used topically, applied directly to the skin, whereas they were once only ingested orally. Vitamin-rich diets which incorporate large quantities of so-called superfoods are becoming popular as a way of ensuring the best possible general health.

Alongside vitamins, there are other substances, i.e. minerals, which are also important to maintaining good health. Minerals include substances such as zinc and iron, which our bodies need, and we generally acquire from the food that we eat.

Getting the recommended doses of as many of these vitamins and minerals as we can every day is important. These substances will affect your body’s ability to repair and maintain itself. This means that long-term deficiencies in these substances can have a serious impact on, not only on an individual’s health but also on their appearance. Taking some supplements for healthy gums can make a world of difference to your appearance.

Treat Your Body Like Your Face

We are very rapidly moving towards a situation where body skin care is viewed with the same level of importance as skincare for the face. The products that we are used to seeing for facial skincare, such as cleansers, serums, and acid exfoliators, may soon start being used over the rest of the body. After all, for the most part, skin is skin.

This is becoming known in some quarters as the Brazilian approach. In Brazil, there has been a long-standing trend of approaching anti-aging as a top to bottom process. They begin with the head and work their way down to the toes with various skin treatments.

Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging

We live in a far more environmentally conscious world than we used to. Everyone now understands the nature of climate change and the unique challenges and threats that we are facing because of it. The fight against climate change is one that can only be won if it is being fought on all fronts. Consumers are increasingly demanding that the businesses they give their money to take their environmental obligations seriously.

Traditionally, the worlds of beauty and fashion have not put their best foot forward when it comes to protecting the environment. There are many within the industry who have long been frustrated by inefficient and environmentally unfriendly practices. However, now that there are significant and tangible commercial pressures encouraging businesses to invest in a greener future, many more businesses are embracing the approach.

Organic plant-based beauty products have been popular for quite some time, but we are now also able to produce plant-based biodegradable packaging for those products. It is, therefore, possible to significantly reduce, perhaps even eliminate, the environmental costs of many of these products.

A significant part of the current battle to reduce business’ carbon footprint is reducing the amount of water that common products use. We often don’t appreciate how much water is used in just about every stage of manufacturing and distributing a product. With water being a scarce resource in many parts of the world, there is a real problem with large corporations taking what little is available to produce their products. It is, therefore, likely that we are going to see the major beauty and cosmetics manufacturers reducing their water usage.

Skincare Supplements

As we touched upon earlier, vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to maintain its health and appearance. Unsurprisingly, we are starting to see the emergence of supplements which are aimed at promoting the body’s natural skincare mechanisms. There is an increasing array of so-called beauty powders now available; these can be mixed into fruit smoothies or other healthy beverages in order to compound the benefits of each.

Many of these supplements also contain ingredients that promote anti-aging effects while protecting the body from oxidative stress and related damage.


Personalization is a big trend in just about every industry right now. Today’s consumers place a great deal of value on an individual experience. They are looking for something that is not only unique but which is also tailored to them specifically. The beauty and cosmetics industries are uniquely well-positioned to embrace this trend.

These six trends represent our best current indication of where the beauty industry is headed over the next year. As with all creative industries, there is a degree of unpredictability at play. But, if the behavior of the market so far is anything to go by, these trends should hold.


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