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Thierry Mugler always imagined impossible universes in which angels, aliens and half-gods would live in a very sophisticated way. The Mugler masculinity is shaped like a tree trunk. Solid, massive, anatomic and definitely out of any standards. When Thierry Mugler launched the first masculine fragrance of the Brand, A*Men, in 1996, it settled the track for an amazing vision of men. This vision was made of power, charisma and sophistication. In order to celebrate this outstanding vision of men, Thierry Mugler launches this summer A*Men Pure Wood.

A*Men, from the half-God to the modern dandy.

Since its launch in 1996, A*Men by Thierry Mugler was an UFO in the perfumery industry. Never a masculine fragrance was such an original creation at all levels. It fragrance, flacon, name and outer-packaging were definitely uniques. Inside this amazing sophistication, there is a true perfumery story. A*Men is a shock of contrasts.


It’s been 18 years since the launch and if A*Men is still present in the international fragrance market it is not by chance. It is because of the true creative nature and state of the art this fragrance has. Every single detail if this fragrance is purely qualitative and unique. The olfactory universe created has endless possibilities and reveals a powerful and magnetic vision of men. What strikes in this fragrance is the “simplexity” of its formula. Just a few key elements yet used in over-doses, like Titans combat. A vertical structure of Coffee, Oak, Patchouli, Styrax and Tonka Bean structure A*Men distinctive signature.

From this rich and amazing olfactory universe, Thierry Mugler year by year tried successfully to tell the A*Men story. Chapter after chapter we could only be surprised by the different true creations proposed by the brand. Every year, very limited editions were launched around the A*Men territory in order to captivate every men. Since 2005, it is a titanic perfumer work that was revealed that explored many facets of the A*Men fragrance. Here is a short timeline of all these creations.



As you can see, from Coffee, to spices, voluptuous notes of tobacco and Whisky or leather, the perfumery team pushed the boundaries of creation in order to bring you every year the best, the rarest and the astonishing facets of A*Men amplified a thousand times for your pure pleasure. And this year the story continues.

A*Men Pure Wood, strong as the strongest tree, shaped as a man.

This year, Thierry Mugler launches A*Men Pure Wood. In this chapter, the A*Men fragrance reveals itself with its wood facet. This facet is probably the key for the A*Men olfactory structure as it shapes, designs and edges the A*Men signature. Notes like Oak and the explosive Patchouli, gave a strong and charismatic aspect to this rich and voluptuous fragrance. Here is the teaser video published by Thierry Mugler this month in order to announce the launch of  this new fragrance.

As you can see, Thierry Mugler uses the mighty forces of nature within the natural ingredients in order to create a dream of power and sophistication. Here is what the Brand says about this new fragrance:

The untamed energy of nature collides with the refinement of A*MEN. A wild encounter, for connoisseurs only… A*MEN Pure Wood, bold seduction.”


The iconic A*men flacon was designed to look like wood. The bright glass star reveals an intense sparkling amber fragrance as a concentrate of pure energy. The fragrance will be launched in July this year in all official Thierry Mugler point of sales. For the moment there is not much on Thierry Mugler’s official website, a part of the count-down until the launch.


Until the launch of this very promising creation, feel free to visit the brand website: 

A*Men Pure Wood will strike you by its force and its subtle elegance. If you wear this fragrance you will definitely knock on wood.



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