evelyn_lauderThe Estée Lauder company was always a matter of strong women. Women as strong as the company founder, Estée. Her grand daughter in law, Evelyn Lauder was also one of a kind. She has been leading one of the most important beauty companies in the world with a strong determination. And after a hard fight against cancer, she finally got a deserved rest-in-peace at the age of 75 years old.

Evelyn Lauder died at her Manhattan home from complications of nongenetic ovarian cancer, said Estee Lauder Cos. spokeswoman Alexandra Trower. She had been diagnosed with cancer in 2007. She worked for more than 50 years for the beauty products giant, holding many positions and helping to develop its lines of skin care, makeup and fragrance. She came up with the name of its popular Clinique brand during the 1960s. Most recently, she held the title of senior corporate vice president.

breast campaign LauderShe is the one behind the famous Pink ribbon, against breast cancer. She personally raised much of the $13.6 million that went to create the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, which opened in October 1992 and focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer. She helped raise an additional $5 million to create an endowment to be used to fund clinical research there.

Self magazine’s first annual issue for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month came after an April 1991 lunch at the 21 Club, at which Lauder discussed ideas for articles about breast cancer with her friend Alexandra Penney, who was then serving as editor of Self.

Together with Penney, Lauder established The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and formalized the pink ribbon as a symbol for breast cancer awareness as part of Self magazine’s second annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month issue in 1992. Penney’s inspiration to improve on the success of the magazine’s first annual issue was to create a ribbon that would be placed in Estee Lauder’s New York City stores. Lauder made the commitment to have the ribbons placed on the company’s cosmetics counters across the United States.

Pink_Ribbon breast cancer

By 1993, Lauder had overseen the creation of a new shade called Pink Ribbon that was part of her personal and corporate effort to raise breast cancer awareness. Her husband paid for the cost of registering The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in all 50 states. By the start of 1995, some $900,000 had been raised for the foundation, including $120,000 from the sale of Pink Ribbon lipstick and blusher and $190,000 from the sale of the Clinique Berry Kiss pink lipstick.

See here how sparkling she was and how her passion about fighting cancer made her strong during so many years. She was definitely a role model for many people in the US but also around the world.

By October 2008, the Estée Lauder Companies estimated that the firm’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign had raised $35 million towards research and distributed 80 million pink ribbons.

Ms Lauder, the women of the world thank you for what you have done for them and you can rest in peace now.


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