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Every time Chanel announces a new face for its its iconic fragrance, Chanel 5, it is big news. This time, the French luxury house announced that Brazilian top model Gisele Bundchen will be the next face for Chanel 5. The news just bursted into the journalists and everybody is pretty much excited to see the final result.


According to Chanel, the choice of Gisele Bundchen was quite obvious. She represents a natural, modern, sensual yet elegant femininity. All attributes that correspond to the Chanel 5 fragrance story. She is also probably the last true Top Model super star to be known all over the world. She is also the most well paid top models in the world and the deal with Chanel will keep her on that position. Chanel had already last year made a big statement with its Feminine fragrance by using true images and sound from Marilyn Monroe talking about Chanel 5 and how the legend of the ultimate feminine fragrance was born. We all remember as well the failure with Brad Pitt as the face of Chanel 5. In theory everybody were pretty excited about it but the execution just killed the project as nobody really liked it. Probably we can not win all the time. Here again it will definitely be the most expected ad of the end of the year. In deed Chanel informed that the TV commercial and the Print ad will be revealed for the Holiday Season at the end of the year. In the meantime you can enjoy this mood-board:

Gisele Bundchen collaborates already with Chanel in the Brand cosmetic and make up lines. So the face of Gisele Bundchen is not completely new for the Chanel fan.

Chanel-5-Gisele Chanel-5-gisele




When we see already the make up shots we can easily imagine the kind of result we might get with the Fragrance advertising. Will Chanel continue the collaboration with Gisele Bundchen in the Makeup line as well? Why not but then she will definitely be recognized as the Chanel woman.

Chanel 5 HD


For now, there is nothing in the brand official website as this news is freshly revealed. Until we know more you can visit the official website of the brand to discover more about the amazing world of Chanel. 

Chanel made again a bold choice by choosing Gisele Bundchen. Brazil was never so on top of trends and probably this choice will open more opportunities for the Chanel Brand in a country as Brazil where the luxury market gets a double digit growth for the past 3 years. Gisele rocks and Chanel will always be Chanel.




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