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Styling and caring for fine hair requires a specific set of considerations, as fine hair has dimensionally thinner follicles than thicker hair, meaning that some hair care and styling products can weigh them down and cause them to break, damaging your hair during the styling process. When choosing products for use on fine hair, ensuring that they will not cause damage to your hair should be the main priority. But with the average drugstore displaying around six hundred different hair care products, how do you know which ones are right for you?

Thickening Shampoo

When looking for everyday hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner, the best ones to choose are those which claim to add thickness or strength to your hair. You are often better off paying a bit more money for these products, or buying a salon endorsed shampoo and conditioner as you know it is more likely to be effective in strengthening and thickening your hair.

Products Specifically for Fine Hair

More and more hair care brands are bringing out products that are specifically designed for use with fine hair. This doesn’t just include shampoos and conditioners, as you can get hair mousse, hairspray and other products which will do just as effective a job as styling your hair but without weighing the follicles down or breaking them. Taking the time to browse for products designed for fine hair could make all the difference to your hair’s health.


Use Clarifying Shampoo

If you use a lot of different styling products on your hair regularly, you will get a build-up which over time can weigh down and break the follicles and damage your hair, even if you only use products that are lightweight and designed for use with fine hair. In order to strip your hair follicles of product build-up it’s a good idea to use a good clarifying shampoo around once per week. This will ensure that your hair is easier to style and retains its volume and shine.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

On top of your regular hair conditioner which you apply after shampooing, you should also consider purchasing a deep conditioning treatment to use as well. Using a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week will help to minimize split ends and keep your hair in good condition as split ends contribute to splitting and thinning hair. Choose a deep conditioning treatment which contains the protein keratin as this will help to thicken and plump up any weak and thin strands of hair.

Anti-Humidity Hairspray

Humidity will weigh your hair down, and can contribute to fine hair breaking and splitting. You should purchase an anti-humidity hairspray to mist your hair with in order to protect it from humidity by keeping the air’s moisture away from the hair shafts. Using this each time you go outside on a humid day will help to keep your hair healthier for longer.

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