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One of the most major problem that almost all of us face nowadays is hair-loss as well as hair-thinning, thanks to the faulty daily hair-care regimens and excessive pollution. But, various best hair-care products have been somehow a sigh of relief for all of us. And more precisely if we end-up landing into any high-end store like Debenhams then the cake gets iced as there are some top hair-care brands available at an affordable rate in such a store. But, inspite of using some cut-edge shampoos and serums in your hair you can still continue loosing some of the remarkable amount of the same. And one of the main reasons behind such a fact is that whether or not you’re maintaining the right temperature to wash your hair or not. You might have heard many suggestions from various people on this topic but let me put forward the real fact. I am sure after going through that you’ll certainly understand whether to use hot or cold to rinse your hair.

Facts about washing your hair with cold water

  • Isn’t it very pleasant to feel the cold water pouring on your head? Well, it certainly is!! Right? So, you’ll certainly have a good ans relaxing feel all throughout the day and if somehow you’re not much comfortable with cold water then you can try warm water which will make you feel good. But, not the too hot water!! This can give you burning sensation!
  • Cold water makes your hair shinier and gets you rid of any kind of frizz. It closes your cuticle after the hair-wash. And it’s very necessary to do that because open cuticle is only good while shampooing your hair but after that you certainly need to seal those to prevent any kind of damage.
  • Along with closing your cuticle cold water also makes your pores closed. Both the facts are somehow similar actually because if you’ve opened pores when you’re not shampooing then it is more vulnerable. So, it means that when you’re washing your hair with cold water then you’re protecting it from the dirt, grease and oil. Moreover, if you’ve closed pores then you’ll not suffer from hair-shedding.
  • When you wash your hair with cold water it actually makes your blood move in a faster way. And your capillaries get widen which leads your body to warm up. In this way, your hair roots will get all the nutrients that they need to grow in a flawless way. Moreover, a good blood-circulation will prevent any kind of hair-shedding.


Facts about washing your hair with hot water

Now, that as you’ve come to know about the stupendous effects of washing your hair with cold water let me now discuss how dangerous it is to wash your hair with hot water regularly! Let’s start!!

  • Hot water lets your hair to break like anything. You should know that when your hair get exposed to hot water it becomes more resilient than what it actually should be. Moreover, if you comb your hair or just brush it right after you’re done washing with hot water then you can be sure about the fact that it will certainly break some of your hair.
  • Hot water weakens the roots of your hair. So, if you’re washing your hair with hot water then let me tell you get ready for some serious hair problems in the long run! It’s because when you’ve the weak hair roots then obviously it will start curling, frizzing and can also become gray in a premature way.
  • When you wash your hair with hot water it will let the whole temperature of your body to rise in an unhealthy way. It’s because if your head is excessively hot then your body will also become hot which will render you feel uncomfortable.

So, now the ball is in your court!! But, I hope after knowing about the aforementioned facts you’ll never be using hot water to cleanse your hair and cold water for the hair will be always your cup of tea!

Krima F

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