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Switzerland has an extraordinary natural landscape and some brands like La Prairie knows how to take the best Swiss nature can offer and encapsulate it in a flacon. One of the best examples is the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection. Launched in 2014, La Prairie presented 2 products in this new collection:


In January 2015, 2 new products will be launched in order to complete the collection. The first one is the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye cream and the second one is the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion. These 2 products will be the perfect complement of the first two launches already present in the collection. La Prairie’s philosophy is to create an individualised skincare plan that answers your every need or desire. The essentials are the key to this philosophy.


This new collection capitalizes on the power of certain plants to resist to the hard winter. The journey begin in the Swiss Alps, by the discovery of two alpine plants and an algae that have the extraordinary ability to withstand the elements. Discovered at the peaks of the Alps, the purple saxifrage, the Soldanella of the Alps and the Swiss snow algae have been sought and cultivated because of their ability to survive and grow optimally in the toughest conditions on the flora land.  These plants developed strategies that allow them to be more cunning than the environment and protect their own DNA to thrive. Biotechnology has created a complex that embodies the strength of these plants surviving in extreme conditions and transfer it into the skin. It can fight against the first signs of aging become more resilient and adapt to the extreme conditions of everyday life.


Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal new 2015 launches, timeless beauty.

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With the new Ice Crystal Eye cream, you will be able to treat one of the most delicate and sensitive areas of your face: the skin around your eyes. If you get tired or stressed, you might get the famous dark circles that will contribute to the “fatigue look”. By regularly using the new Ice Crystal Eye Cream, the skin around your eyes will be refreshed and will give you a younger look. This exclusive product by La Prairie, also includes Glycoproteins, Ginseng root extract, Horsetail extract and many other age-fighting ingredients from bio-tech and botanical origin. It is an amazing cocktail that will moisturize and energize the skin. The application on skin is pretty easy and the texture very pleasant. The role of the scent is not to perfume the product, it is more to emphasize the product experience and feeling. By applying the product around the eyes, you can also take the opportunity to massage the crow’s feet wrinkles area, which will also procure a relaxing feeling. The texture penetrates very fast, so you will not have any troubles to use your regular day cream or simple to go to work.

LaPrairie-Ice-Crystals-contour-des-yeux-pot LaPrairie-Ice-Crystals-contour-des-yeux LaPrairie-Ice-Crystals-contour-yeux-crystals

With the second new launch, La Prairie introduces a new formula texture into the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection: Emulsion. As a perfect complementary product to the cream, the new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal emulsion proposes a light, fluid yet nourishing texture. Either in complement to the cream or because you prefer a lighter texture, the new emulsion will act as a real burst of resilient youth. It improves the resistance of your skin against dryness and the appearance of fine lines. The texture is also very easy and pleasant to apply. Very small dose of product is sufficient to cover the entire face area. As for any face product avoid the around-the-eyes-area as it is not the same skin nature. The Emulsion is very pleasant and the scent is also there to highlight the experience.


We should also highlight the amazing packaging from La Prairie. With this collection, each product has an extraordinary packaging. It underlines the purity of the line and precious formula. La Prairie has an endless universe in which the Swiss brand surprises us always with the most amazing ingredients that nature has to offer. While winter is already here, you need to give to your skin only the very best. Cold, wind or snow are often the reason for dryness and premature aging. With La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection, you have a complete program to take care of your skin and to prepare it to a cold winter. Visit the official brand website for more details on La Prairie products and universe. Just click here: 



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