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Cindy Lauper and Lady Gaga for MAC Viva Glam
Viva Glam by MAC

MAC launched in 1994 a program called VIVA GLAM. This program has the aim to support women, men and children living with AIDS. Each edition of this special MAC product has been successful over the years. The 2010 edition sees two new products limited editions. This year MAC gathered 2 different generations on the name of Cindy Lauper and Lady Gaga! Well, definetely this year Girls just want to have fun right?
Viva Glam Cindy Lauper and Lady GaGa

Of course each cent made on the sales of these products will be donated to the MAC AIDS Fund. You can know more about it by visiting the specific website here.
MAC Foundation

So, the good point is that we can stay hip and deep. MAC presents its all new glamourous Lipsticks collection. 8 colors for you with 2 tinted Gloss, you might choose between the VIVA GLAM CINDY or the VIVA GLAM GAGA. See here
Viva Glam Lipstick

We can also thanks all the big stars from the Music and entertainment industry to offer their faces and bodies to MAC VIVA GLAM campaigns. Here are all the campaigns since the make up company started this cause. The MAC Foundation is also linked to different associations and institutions. That is why we can see a great support from Elton John Foundation.

Viva Glam all campaings
source: MAC

Of course the Lady Gaga Lipstick was sold out in 2 hours. So it is harder to get a Lady Gaga Lipstick for MAC than an iPad.
Great initiative, let’s hope this might give nice ideas to others.