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Flowers are considered to be one of the sweetest creation of God and this is the reason why they are the center point of every occasion conducted by humans. Flowers have always been at the heart of any occasion whether it is a wedding or a formal get-to-gather. Flowers take the decoration for any occasion to the next level.


Today with the emergence of a large number of flower suppliers, one can easily have their desired flowers delivered right at their doorsteps. Moyses Flowers are one of the most reputed suppliers of flowers in London. The flower delivery by is the best and most reliable one around London. So a question for you. If you were asked to pick the prettiest flowers in the world, which all would you pick? Definitely, it is very hard to pick a few flowers among so many wonderful flowers in the world. Here are some flowers which are considered to be the most prettiest flowers in the world.



Undoubtedly, Rose is the most beautiful flower in the world. Generations have passed but rose still persists its mesmerizing beauty. This flower is a symbol of love and no other flower can replace it. No matter what the occasion is people tend to go with a bouquet of beautiful red roses to show their love towards the person. Around 2830 species of roses are present today and it can be seen is some very amazing shades such as white, yellow, red, pink, green and orange. It basically hails from Asia but some rose species are also found in North America, Europe and in Northwest Africa. Their smell is outstanding and is one of the oldest species which are still cultivated today.



You definitely might have seen tulips and some might even have had them as their desktop background. Tulips belong to the Liliaceae family and around 109 species of tulips are found today. They are present everywhere and majorly they are found in the mountains. They can grow in height from 4-inches to 28-inches. They originally hail from Netherlands. The Ottoman Empire had firstly commercialized them.



When talking about the most beautiful flower how can Dahlia be missed? There is a long telltale behind this pretty flower. In the year 1751, Anders Dahl who was Carl Linnaeus had died at the mere age of 38. This urged Carl to something for his beloved student. So, he thought to name this amazing Mexican flower after his student as an honor. Thus, earlier the flower which was called “Asteraceae” was changed to “Dahlia”. These flowers are basically large in diameter as they range from 12-inch-30cm to surprisingly 6ich-8ft. They are found in large number of shades but the blue colored Dahlia looks very elegant. In 1963 this flower was declared as Mexico’s national flower officially.

Jade Vine


This flower is scientifically known as Strongylodon Macrobotrys and is basically found in the Philippines. This flower is not only one of the most beautiful flowers in the world but it is also one of the rarest flowers. It caters both a delicate and fascinating characteristic. The flower is covered with claw-shaped petals which provide it an exclusive look. These claw-shaped outcropping sprouts from hanging truss and can grow up to 3-meters in length. The flower comes in various colors between mint green and blue-green.

Cherry Blossom


This flower is one of the best beauties in the world. They are majorly found in Japan and they have very spectacular blossoms around. They basically arrive during the spring season and come in white and light pink color. They look amazing on trees rather than in a vase. Japan looks amazing in the spring season as these flowers bloom out in huge numbers on the trees.

Flowers are the most beautiful things on Earth and having them in your decoration can effectively enhance the beauty of the venue. But it is a must that you choose them wisely by going for the ones which perfectly suit the venue.

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