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Switzerland has an amazing know-how in expertise skincare. Many laboratories are located in the purity and richness of Swiss Alps. Laboratoire Mergens is one of them. Based on a expert Dermatologic know-how, the company is located in Switzerland since 1993. for the past 20 years, they developed different beauty products adapted to all skin types, food complements and dermatological creams. Here is the review of their rewarded line Nerola Illuminating.

Illuminating or enlightening products are not something new in the skincare industry. But what it is new is the fact that more and more western companies propose these kind of products in the Western world. In deed for several years, these specific products were more dedicated to markets like Japan, China and especially South Korea. The myth of the porcelain skin is a goal that every asian woman wishes to approach. So many skincare brands have dedicated and expert lines in those markets to serve this purpose: Keep your skin young without any brown spots because of aging.


The lightening market is bigger and bigger with tremendous opportunities for brands that know how to market the best products. In deed, according to The Guardian and a study ran on this product segment, the global market for lightening products will reach 19.8 Million US$ by 2018. Of course, the market business increase is leaded by countries like China and India. Historically speaking, Japan and South Korea were the firsts to get interested to this products. In the western world, markets like Germany, UK but also USA and Canada will also see a constant double digit increase of this market. Not only because of the “whitening trend” among ethnic skins but also because of the fact people are living longer and older. And as you know, one of the consequences of a aging skin is dark spots.


For the past 4 years we noticed that several skincare expert brands started proposing such products in markets like USA and Europe. Swiss companies are definitely leading the way in this sense, so meet Laboratoires Mergens and their prime line Nerolia. For the past 20 years, the Swiss brand has been building, year after year, their success in a very complex market as Switzerland. With all the competition from Germany, France or Italy, only the best can remain. Also the high level of requirement expected by the Swiss customer also makes Switzerland as one of the hardest markets.

Laboratoires Mergens developed a internal Scientific team in order to make sure that all products respect the strict level of quality. They work with several teams of scientists in Switzerland as well as in France. They make sure to be always updated on the last technologies and ingredients.

On the Illuminating line, you can find several specific products:

  • Nerola Exfoliator soap – 200ml – CHF 10.65 – New
  • Nerola Lightening Hands – 75ml – CHF 15.65
  • Nerola Lightening Face and Cleavage – 30ml – CHF 16.57
  • Nerola Illuminating Face and Hands – 75ml – CHF 16.57
  • Nerola Illuminating Body Milk – 300ML – CHF 27.69

At Luxuryactivist, we decided to hightlight the beauty rewarded product of the range called Nerola Illuminating Face and Hands 75ml.


This cream helps to lighten the skin through the action of the white mulberry, while respecting its balance and well-being. The presence of vitamin C and anti UV filter makes this product as a high performance full care. Nerola Illuminating Face and hands cream is a lightening care with a high tolerance based on plant active ingredients for the ethnic skins. How this works? Simple to use: Apply morning and evening on face, hands and rebel areas (elbows, knees). Rub with a light massage.

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Tested and approved by a panel of consumers Nerola Illuminating Face and Hands has earned the distinction of beauty Victory 2011-2012. All products are tested, of course non-animal testing and cruelty are done by Mergens. So it is a very respectful company with a solid and true know-how.

For more information, please visit the official website here below and you will discover many other product categories:

You can also read the review of about a new product added to the range, the Exfoliator Soap.

Swiss know-how is the best.


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