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Parfums Divine is a French highly selective Brand that creates fragrances for women and for men. They are based in Dinard on the north coasts of Brittany and this year they launch a new fragrance for men called L’homme infini (Infinitive Man in french).

Parfums Divine L'Homme Infini

France is the land of Perfumery and you can find there luxury brands that you might not hear about much as some of them remains at the state of confidential, others is about word-of-mouth. With Parfums Divine we are definitely talking about word of mouth as true connoisseurs only can enjoy the beauty of real creation. In France only a dozen independent brands still exists, which make encounters like this one very precious.


Founded in 1986 in Dinard, Divine is above all a story of a man, Yvon Mouchel and his dedicated passion for Perfumery. According to him: “Creating a perfume is an art, on a level with painting, music or writing. A great perfume is a work of art“.


So with Divine, you forget about market trends, fashionable fragrances or short term launches. Each creation is unique and are established as timeless creations that do not follow trends or marketing concepts. So every single detail is taken in consideration so that you experience an elegant adventure in each flacon.

Since the launch of Divine, Mr Mouchel has gathered a team of creative people from the highest echelons of perfumery. They only work with the best people, the best ingredients and materials. Nothing is good enough to accomplish excellence at work.

Here are the different launches since the foundation:

1986 – Divine for women
2000 – L’Infante
2002 – L’Homme de Coeur
2004 – L’Ame Soeur
2005 – L’Homme Sage
2006 – L’Inspiratrice
2008 – L’Etre Aimé femme
2008 – L’Etre Aimé homme
2009 – Eau Divine for women and men
2012 – L’Homme Infini

At the beginning, Mr Mouchel started selling his creations by post and since 1997 he launched a website with e-commerce. So you can find all the brand creations available online. Distribution also evolved and Divine is present in several countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Yvon mouchel
Photo: André Durand/AFP

This year with L’Homme Infini, Divine expresses the idea that man has an infinite horizon of life before him. In a world in which we have the feeling that sometimes nothing is really possible anymore, Divine brings a positive and optimistic message. That’s L’Homme Infini.  It reminds you that if you have the will to commit to a cause, a passion or the aim to be something more than ordinary…. well you can give it a try as possibilities are endless.

Yvon Mouchel asked to Yann Vasnier, a rising star perfumer, to translate this message into a unique fragrance. Yann Vasnier is french, also originally from Brittany in France, and he is considered as one of the most talented perfumers of his generation. He knows very well Divine as he is the perfumers behind L’Homme de Coeur (2002).

When I asked Yann Vasnier, his inspirations to translate this optimistic and strong message into a scent, he told me the following: “L’Homme Infini fascinates us because he seems unreachable and yet very palpable.”

So the perfumer’s work was to craft note by note, this amazing contrast between something endless and still present. After evaluating the fragrance we can feel that this fragrance is definitely a state of art. A dazzling freshness of Coriander leaf, elemi and black pepper contrasts with the timeless strength and depth of Cedar, Agarwood and Vetyver. This alliance makes this fragrance evolves as a symphony… we know when it starts and we hope it will never end. A soft, comfortable yet intense notes of Amber, Serenolide and Benzoin wraps up this creation with an Aura of soft-energy.  It is very masculine, elegant and strong. The perfect definition of a modern gentleman.


Available in all official shops from november 2012 in various sizes:
– Splash flacon 50ml
– Splash flacon 100ml
– Splash flacon 150ml
– Refillable spray 50ml

Check the brand website for more information, especially about point of sales addresses:

Fragrances are personal and can be part of your personality, charisma and even seduction. Your allure and elegance depends often on the scent you apply as a final touch. And you definitely do not wish to miss this final touch.



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