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Flowers! When you just hear this word it brings you joy in heart and smile on face!  Their beauty is beyond expression. What makes them special and close to heart? The power of tender flowers is that it not only looks beautiful but also beautify the surrounding. When a bouquet of flowers is placed in the room their fragrance spreads everywhere. So while choosing flowers for the décor of your room or garden it is imperative that they smell heavenly too!

The sensory appeal of flowers can bring new dimension to anyplace where they are kept. According to the science of smell, the scent of flowers can trigger every emotion! Yeah!  You can feel nostalgic, joyous and feel close to some memories. To make your special ones feel special. Flowers are the best option. The point to consider here is nowadays the online florist or many other florists give you delivery anytime anywhere. What is best than flowers delivered on Sunday???

Confused which flowers to buy?  Don’t you panic! I have classified flowers to you according to their scent. So here it is:

  • Sultry : When you want sultry as well as sweet smell alyssum is an easy plant to grow. These flowers come in a little cluster which comprises of white, yellow, purple and many more. What is the best thing about alyssum? They are inexpensive and fits your budget easily also it tops the sensory benefits! These flowers have intense sweet smell make your home smell amazing in less budget!


  • It smells Like Perfume : Heard of shrub of gardenia? Well if not, then let, me tell you that it is an evergreen shrub, but in summer it explodes with beautifiul white blossoms. The aroma of these flowers is so amazing that it blankets the whole garden! The perfume like smell of these flowers has been inspiration to several perfumes including your own Chanel. The only con about gardenia is they are susceptible to pests and requires a lot of maintenance, but they worth this effort!
  • It’s So Sweet : Hearing about the chocolates the water galloons seem to burst it mouth reviving the yummy taste of cocoa. Now, if you are a toffee baby then all you need is chocolate cosmos. They have the light vanilla scent. The scent is same as many of the popular chocolates. These reddish brown flowers thrive in warmer climates. Amidst the heat of summer their smell intensifies. What if you plant six cosmos together? Well the intensity of smell further intensifies. Don’t get tempted by these chocolate smelling flowers they are actually poisonous to eat!


  • When It Strikes Four : Four o’ clocks can add surprise element to your garden. These flowers open late in afternoon and stay up till late night. When the sun breaks they close and when the sun goes down these flowers tend to blossom. They start blooming when temperature falls! They make your garden more vibrant. As they come in variety of colors such as fuchsia, yellow and white. Four o’ clocks have strong fragrance in evening. To just sum it all up they are beautiful, fragrant addition to any garden!

In the world of flowers, there are many of them which matches your mood and requirements! All you need to know is your taste and there are flowers that blossom for you! Keep your garden blooming, plant flowers, enjoy the aroma….!

Daniel Clark

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