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For the past 13 years, Sisley has always meet all fans expectancies in Christmas by launching each year a new Eau du Soir Limited edition. This year, the iconic flacon dresses Savannah style. Exquisite elegance for an amazing limited edition. Only 8’000 units in the world and LuxuryActivist was able to get one.


Eau du Soir, an amazing rendez-vous with exceptional elegance.

Scent of a large olfactory contrasts wealth, Eau du Soir gradually reveals subtle notes of a perfect balance between freshness of citrus notes, the sensuality of floral notes and chypre, intensity amber notes and musk . Since its launch in 1990, Sisley Eau du Soir conquered the heart of thousands of women all over the world. From 2003 until today, Sisley brings the magic of Christmas to Eau du Soir. Every year, the French beauty brand reveals a new limited edition for the Holiday season. It is an important appointment with fans who wait during one entire year to see what beautiful dream will be presented. As you can see in the image here below, it is probably the most long-lasting limited edition in the Fragrance market. Most of brands will do something one year or two and then, move on to something else. Probably because the concept gets empty after a while. As the Eau du Soir has a very rich universe, there are endless possibilities to build an incredible collection over the years.


The fragrance remains the same. It is the “dress” that changes every Christmas. The iconic flacon dresses up for the beauty of design, graphic contrasts and elegance. The scent reveals a start of Citrus notes like Mandarine and Grapefruit which contrasts with the dazzling notes of Clove and Juniper. The floral heart blooms with Jasmine, Rose and Lilly of the Valley while the base lies in a bed of Labdanum, Patchouli, White musks and Amber. It is a timeless fragrance translating all the elegance, the signature and the richness of Sisley.

2014 Eau du Soir Limited Edition, Savannah spirit

With the new limited edition, Eau du Soir returns in a bold new Limited Edition that is precious, wild and poetic. Resolutely modern and luminous, the 13th edition of Eau du Soir this year transports us to a fresh take on the savannah with intense lapis-lazuli tones. A dadaist nod to a surrealist dream-like fauna as evening falls and the blue sky takes on a deeper hue, just before the night envelops the savannah, making it even more intriguing. The deep and beguiling blue box is adorned with the golden print of a majestic and wild zebra. This surprising decor is applied lightly and transparently to the Eau du Soir bottle.




Sisley signs a new evocative and fleeting creation that plunges us into the heart of nature’s mysterious nocturnal side for this holiday season. If you wish to learn more about Sisley and Eau du Soir, you can visit the official brand website here:

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Christmas is already here. Nice!



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