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There are fragrances that you immediately like and others that you can get used to in time. With Sisley there is always something that immediately captures your attention and seduce you right away. For this Spring discover the new Sisley Eau Tropicale. At LuxuryActivist, we got this beautiful creation in avant-première so we were able to test it. And here is our Fragrance review.


Sisley Eau Tropicale, the Fragrance

First thing first. Every time Sisley launches a new fragrance, the olfactory journey has a strong promise and ends up to fulfil our expectations. With their true know-how in what nature can offer at its best, every fragrance is a true discovery and an enchantment to the senses. With Eau Tropicale, Sisley capitalize on a strong image of a tropical forest after the rain. It is at the same time straight forward and mysterious, strong yet subtle, sophisticated and simple, elegant and lively. A fragrance built with pleasant contrasts that will immediately invite you to a journey in a distant land that reminds you beautiful images.


The fragrance opens with a spicy and fresh story of Ginger and Bergamot. It takes us away from a traditional Eau top notes as the sparkling of Ginger twists the freshness of Bergamot to give more soft-bite to the start. The heart of this fragrance is like if you would walk through your nose through a deep rich rain forest after the rain. All scents are magnified and perfectly blend to this tropical aura. A ultra-feminine floral accord of Hibiscus, Passionflower and Frangipani will completely set the stage. It is rich, fresh, luminous, fruity and naturally sexy. The ultra-femininity is strengthened with a majestuous duo of Turkish Rose and Violets while the hypnotic solar Tuberose will completely capture your imagination. The base notes are modern, comfortable and soft-warm which contrasts with the start of this creation. Dry woods with play along a very qualitative Patchouli wrapped in a luminous bed of Ambrette seed. There is a natural sexiness in this fragrance that will allow you wearing it either during day time activities as well as during a elegant summer evening.

Sisley Eau Tropicale, the flacon.

To keep the beauty of this creation, simplicity and luxury were the two guides for the flacon and outerpackaging. Sometimes less is more and when it is done by Sisley,you better believe it is always more. The flacon has a simple cylindrical shape. 3 important details strike right away. The first one is the deep violet “dégradé” flashed into the glass. It is very eye-catching and reflects the contrast of the fragrance. Often, obtaining a natural gradient of the flacon is very hard as most of the time you end up with a limit-line. Here the flacon artwork is perfectly natural.


Another important detail is the flacon top that here is translated into a transparent colour. The different reflections of the faceted top gives a sparkling signature to this flacon. You can also see that the different facets display a leaf-shape silhouettes to strengthen the theme of this olfactory creation.


The outerpackaging is made with a beautiful quality of paper with a texture. The Eau Tropicale blazon, the name, the Brand name and the bird are embossed and printed in shining finishing that contrasts with the pure white mate carton.


The new Sisley Eau Tropicale is being launched this month in all Sisley markets and official point of sales. 2 Flacon sizes, 50ML and 100ML. Now that the sun is finally back and that we are only 2 weeks from Spring, get yourself an exotic invitation to an amazing experience that will literally seduce your senses.

Info sourced at the brand official coomunication release and product testing in-house. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.