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Last night, I was kindly invited by Sisley to attend to the opening of their first beauty flagship counter in Switzerland. It is placed in the beauty area of the prestigious luxury department store Jelmoli in Zürich. By far one of the most elegant Department stores in Switzerland, Jelmoli out stands for the location, the brands and the high qualitative service provided. I will definitely make an article about them soon.


2012 is an interesting year for the french beauty brand Sisley. In deed not only the latest launches are really outstanding, their efforts to complete the lines portfolio are paying but they wish to continuously build the brand into a timeless future. Switzerland is a tuff market for beauty products because it is at the same time a small market but with high-end customers. And the expectancy is really high too. Sisley is the perfect brand which can really get an outstanding position in Switzerland as well in Europe.


The revealed counter is part of a all Sisley original concept of Flagship counter. In Europe there are only 3 counters following these guidelines in terms of space, furniture and placement. They choose the best places for high qualitative traffic. The event itself was a great success, a lot of beauty and beautiful people ;-). People from the press and also bloggers. Sandra from Sandra’s Closet was there in a amazing outfit. People from Jelmoli of course, responsibles for the Beauty section and Marketing-PR.


According to Ms Sonja Glavas, Marketing & PR Manager at Sisley, the idea behind is to allow people to come and to feel comfortable to test the products, to get a good advice and to find the perfect product for their needs. And one of the master piece of this counter is the Cosmetic bar, placed in the center of the space and allowing people from a 360 degrees approach to test different products, classified by theme.

Also other key elements are the following:

The Make-up Bar


Very modern, the make-up place is presenting all different collections and customers can easily try the products either directly on it or on the right side, there is a nice mirror with a chair and different tools to apply all products. All materials used are highly qualitative and the design is as modern as functional. Very elegant.

The Fragrance bar


What a pleasure to re-discover the giant editions for Soir de Lune and Eau du Soir. The main fragrances of the brand is present, so customers can try all of them and benefit of a perfect advice from the beauty advisor.

One important merchandising element is the impressive pillar full dedicated for Sisley with a giant lightbox. It welcomes the customer at the arrival of the Corner but you can see it from the Department store entrance. Visibility = maximum. Depending on the product launches and season, Sisley will change the visual in the lightbox, which will provide a different look.


Ms Rosemarie Haber, General Manager of Sisley Switzerland, explained to me that the aim of Sisley with such a beautiful space is to be in an exceptional place and to establish the brand where she should always be – at top level position within the Beauty area. It is the translation of Sisley’s ambition as main player on the beauty market.

As often, they could not let us go without a nice “souvenir” from this great evening. I felt again, very lucky.

We also got a magazine in which there is a very interesting article about Ms Isabelle d’Ornano.
So what can we say more? All the best for Sisley in this new adventure. Do not hesitate to check the brand official website to get more information about the products.


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