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This week we got the chance to try the new Sisleÿa Anti-Aging Concentrate Firming Body Care 150ML. It is a new Sisley launch for 2012, coming out in stores this Spring. While winter is here, take good care of your body until Summer arrives!


Because we think our bodies are less exposed than our face to daily aggressions, we mostly forget to take good care of it. And Sisley is here to remind us that hormonal changes, lack of physical exercise (my god yes) and even repeated sun exposure, lead to a loss of density and firmness. This becomes a concern, no matter your weight or figure.


Most of the time some areas are particularly affected:

  • the inside of the arms and thighs
  • the stomach and buttocks
  • the décolleté, which is exposed daily


That is why Sisley extended their full expertise on anti-aging to the body care with Sisleÿa Anti-Aging Concentrate Firming Body Care. If you remember, after developing the Sisleÿa range on Anti-aging, the Orchid Brand launched last year Skinleÿa, the perfect Anti-Aging Lift Foundation. So in continuation on  the perfect Anti-Aging product, we have now the Body Care.


The packaging is as always the perfect balance between luxury, multi sensorial experience and functionality. When it comes to Body cream, we are all looking for a generous gesture that covers all the body. We need a big pot and when we look for a luxury experience, packaging counts! Here we have a imposing and classy packaging. Transparency, light reflexions and simplicity are interesting combination. Essential luxury without the over-the-top attitude. Definitely we are happy to have this product in our bathroom or aside the bed. As we say: Good for the eyes, good for the heart.

The product is delivered with a small spatula in order to help a clean and efficient product spread. Some people are happy to use it because we feel that we do not “contaminate” the formula inside the pot with “dirty hands” and others prefer to have a more “handy” usage. Both ways are ok.

With the product, you get a small information leaflet in english, spanish, italian, german, dutch, portuguese, 4 different asian languages (chinese, japanese, korean…), arabic and Russian. There is a formula description, the promise of this product and the benefits. There is also a note about complementary products, also existing in the Global Sisleÿa range. See below.

So, now let’s get more into the formulation itself. As a Sisley product, it is a real concentrate of plants and natural extracts. All Sisley expertise at the service of beauty. This is the first major global anti-aging skincare for the body from Sisley. It helps improve skin slackening and loss of firmness. It combat the visible effects of skin aging and allow you to recover the appearance of a younger and more toned body.

The texture itself is an interesting one. Away from a gadget-formula with glitters and fro sties effects, the formulation follows the quality chart of the brand. It is an interesting combination of the power of a serum, the comfort of a cream wrapped with the effectiveness of a tightening agent.


It is true that at the beginning we have the feeling of a rich cream. Then, by spreading the formula on the skin, we have a very fluid sensation. It penetrates quite fast and we fill that the skin is more tight and the skin texture looks more uniform.

More than 19 ingredients plant-based into this formula. 3 main actions are identified, actions that I already explained in a previous article.

Action one: A Global Strategy for anti-aging and firmness.
Here Sisley acts on the 3 major players of firmness: Elastin, Collagen and Glycosaminoglycans.

  • Dill seed extract
  • Alkekengi Calyx extract and Soy
  • Padina pavonica extract
  • White Willow extract
  • Einkorn extract

Action two: Moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing
Spirulina extract is the main active ingredient in the Formula. It is a blue micro algae rich in trace elements and minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamins and amino acids.

  • Spirulina extract
  • Caffeine
  • Cédrol
  • Red Vine extract
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Plum and Andiroba oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Lavender and Marjoram Essential oils

Action three: Immediate Smoothing and Sheathing action
Oat extract plays here the role of a 3D tensor active ingredient. And the results are amazing.

  • Oat extract
  • Ratanhia extract

As the formula is quite concentrated, you can apply it once a day morning or evening. The advice in terms of gestures is to use the palm of the hand in massaging the product into skin. Use upwards smoothing strokes.

  • Inner thighs: from the knee to the groin.
  • Stomach: from the navel to the waist.
  • Décolleté: from between the breasts to the shoulders.
  • Inside of the arms: from the elbow to the armpit.

Sisleÿa Anti-Aging Concentrate Firming Body Care is part of the Sisleÿa range which contains 7 products.


  1. Sisleÿa Global Anti-Age
  2. Sisleÿa Contour des Yeux et des Lèvres
  3. Sisleÿa Elixir
  4. Sisleÿa Sérum Réducteur Rides quotidien
  5. Sisleÿa Sérum Concentré Eclat Anti-Age
  6. Sisleÿa Sérum Global fermeté
  7. Sisleÿa Soin des Mains Global Anti-Age

The product will be sold from march 2012 in all Sisley authorized dealers. 150ML with a recommended retail price of 416CHF, which is approximately 450$.

If you want to see more information about the Brand, do not hesitate to connect to the official website:

So while the sunny nice days are not yet here, it is the right moment to use “do-me-good” products and this one is definitely one.



info sourced from Sisley official press-released and brand presentation. All images are copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.