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This month, Sisley is launching a new product called Sunleÿa, a new after-sun product with an age-minimizer formula. It will complete the sun care line. Available in all official Sisley point of sales.


April represents the start of Spring. So normally the sun gets higher in the sky and finally we are happy to be in café’s terraces and in nice weekend programs. With the arrival of Spring, we also need to think about the sun and to protect our skin in an appropriate way.

Why? Because repeated sun exposure accelerates skin ageing and the formation of wrinkles. The skin is weakened, dehydrated and thirsty. In addition, pigmentation spots may also appear over time.

Even skin that is very well protected during the day, needs care and comfort in the evening. This is the key for a beautiful tanned skin. It is now possible to continue protecting skin after sun exposure, by trapping free radicals that accumulate during the day helping skin recovery and repair itself.

Strong of its know-how in anti-ageing processes, Sisley has developed a complete after sun care combining the benefits of a restorative product with a high-performance anti-ageing formula. And this product is called SUNLEŸA.

This new product prolongs the unique action of Sunleÿa SPF 15 and its anti-ageing protection by:

  • Repairing the skin stressed by sun exposure
  • Preventing the external signs of skin ageing
  • Preparing the skin for the next day’s sun exposure

As often with Sisley, this formula has 3 steps. Follow the guide!

Action #1: Soothing

Sunleÿa After-sun age minimizer instantly refreshes, repairs and comforts the skin exposed to the sun. Thanks to a new “anti heat stroke” agent, a peptide extract of a marine micro-algae Skeletonema costatum, the formula is capable of blocking the 2 key mediators involved in the sensation of heated skin caused by the sun.
The formula also combines a protective, nourishing and moisturizing complex made of:

  • Shea butter
  • Plum oil
  • Andiroba oil

Action #2: Prevention

The new skincare is formulated with Sisley’s major anti-ageing active ingredients already found on Sisleÿa and Sunleÿa sun care line to strengthen the skin antioxidant defenses and combat the external signs of skin ageing:

  • Alkekengi Calyx extract (a Sisley exclusive ingredient) ultra rich in polyphenols.
  • Rhodochrosite extract rich in manganese that stimulates superoxyde dismutase (SOD) activity and combats sun induced oxidative stress.
  • Einkorn wheat extract for its anti-glycation action (against skin rigidity)
  • Vitamin E Acetate, a natural defense booster.
  • Vegetal Glycerin
  • Pro-vitamin B5

Action #3: Preparing

Sunleÿa after-sun care prepares the skin for the next day’s sun exposure. We could almost consider it as an effective “holiday night cream”. Brilliant idea.
  • Pussy Willow extract which stimulates defensive HSP (Heat shock proteins) to create an anti-stress shield on the skin surface.

By offering effective close protection to proteins in the extracellular matrix,
this active ingredient limits the activity of enzymes which cause dermal elastin fibres to deteriorate.
As a result the skin is better prepared for the next day sun exposure.


I was quite happily surprised with the texture. In deed it is light, fresh and penetrates very fast, so you can dress your clothe just afterwards with no problem. It is lightly fragranced so you can also wear your fragrance on top of it which is not the case with certain products of competition.

As a reminder, please find here the list of the existing products of the sun range:

  1. Super creme solaire visage SPF 10
  2. Sunleÿa soin solaire anti-âge SPF 15
  3. Grand ecran solaire visage SPF 30
  4. Super ecran solaire visage SPF 50+
  5. Super huile solaire corps SPF 6
  6. Super creme solaire corps SPF 15
  7. Super fluide solaire corps SPF 30
  8. Super soin apres-soleil prolongateur de bronzage

If you wish to learn more about the sun range, do not hesitate to connect to the Brand official website here.

Ready for sunshine?


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