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The fashion world is a dynamic industry. What was hip today may not necessarily be the case tomorrow. Through the years, we’ve witnessed a gradual evolution in fashion trends from baggy jeans, all sorts of hair styles, and various modes of dressing. At present, the latest developments in fashion are shining down on the dental world. Some of the top trends are:

Gap Teeth


Gap teeth are at times referred to as diastema. Around the world, various celebrities like Lauren Hutton, Madonna and Michael Strahan have been known to sport the gap teeth look with great success. For a number of decades, many people who had gap teeth made attempts to fix them, not flaunt them. Given their high standing in their respective fields, it’s little wonder that these celebs were able to go against the grain instead of conforming to the norm. Modeling agencies are now known to aggressively look for models who have gap teeth since it’s gives off the perception of attitude. One of the most sought after models, Georgia, who also happens to be Mick Jagger’s daughter, has embraced her gap teeth persona without thinking of it as a quirk.

Fashion Braces

Before the age of millennials, most people considered having braces as an oddity. So much so that numerous students often got bullied simply because they wore braces and stood out from the rest of society. With the changing times, there has been a new school of thought that has taken the world by storm. In situations where people encounter issues with their teeth, they now feel comfortable to seek medical attention. It’s now easy to Fix A Chipped Tooth and perform other procedures without much fuss. Even better is the fact that nowadays, braces can be applied at the dentist’s office or by making utility of DIY (Do It Yourself) kits right at home. For those with dental plan covers, the procedure is usually inexpensive. Fashion braces often come with add-ins like flowers, bright colors, and icons.


While series like Twilight, the Walking Dead and Blade Trilogies seem to have popularized the hip-vampire culture in society, it’s actually fact that people have always been fascinated by the nightly beings. Historically, it has been documented that the practice of sharpening incisors was carried out for centuries by the Aboriginal people. Today, fangs are fast gaining momentum as fashion accessories, particularly among Rock enthusiasts who don gothic costumes.

Tooth Tattoos

Sounds peculiar right? Unbelievably, this fashion trend has been on the up over the last couple of years. The dental tattoo operation entails the combination of two worlds, the tattoo and dentistry fields. For the procedure to work, ink is applied to the crowns before they placed in teeth. Tooth tattoos are usually not permanent and eventually fade off with time.



Parting Shot

As previously mentioned, fashion fads usually don’t last long. What’s hip today may not necessarily be the case tomorrow. To be on the safe side , the best bet is to first have a good dental plan as an insurance cover for healthy smiles.


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