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Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! There are numerous flowers available that can lift our moods and enlighten our spirits with their great smell. Albeit telling an exact number differs, still there are 422,000 flowering plants available in world today. Flowers are available in all sizes, species, colors, shapes; however at times what makes a flower truly special is its shortage. The flowers which can’t be found in every florist bouquet or garden can be the rare diamond, just like the following list of world’s rarest flowers.

Jade Vine


The beautiful greenish blue flower jade vine puts up a stunning display. The flower has rarest structure like a claw & usually introduced as a flower delicate in nature. It is a rare flower in the family of pea and bean. The color generally varies from blue to light green.  As the Jade Vines are sometimes pollinated by bats you can even see them lighting at the night, and this makes a spectacular view. It is one of rare flower as it is highly scarce due to difficulties to propagate because of destruction of natural pollinators.

Parrot’s beak


The Parrot’s beak flower is one of the rare beautiful flowers native to the Canary Island. The flower is named as parrot’s beak because of the curvature of flower and this shape makes the plant more beautiful. It is even known as Lotus vine, a tender perennial from Canary Islands which is most mostly grown as annual plant. The golden-yellow flowers tripped with red or orange are seen from late spring through early summer to early fall when the temperatures begin to cool. The flower blooms in the spring season, however, soon often we won’t see this plant.  Just few species of this flower are available in the world. Flowers delivery of this flower disappeared since 1884.

Chocolate Cosmos


The chocolate cosmos – dark red say almost like maroon colored flower includes a ring of seven to ten petals and it releases sweet vanilla like essence reminiscent of coca beans or vanilla pods and these qualities give the name – chocolate cosmos. They are one of the most awe-inspiring flowers which can be found on this world native to Mexico. The flowers usually bloom at evening time in end of summer. However, consider it our misfortune that now just single clones of chocolate cosmos are in world today, due to the vegetation reproduction experienced 100 years ago. And the existing chocolate cosmos areas are protected by law.

Kadupul flower


I would love to name kodupul as – the white shinning star. The rareness and beauty are the essential features that make kodupul so special. Rarely few got the chance to witness the beauty of the flower as the flower blooms only after midnight and withers away before dawn. May be this is the reason that it is most expensive flower – in truth I would better say it priceless as no one has ever had this flower long enough to sell it. The flower comes from Sri Lanka. As shown in picture it is white yellow colored and usually grows about 10-40 centimeters in diameter. The blooming of this beautiful flower will take place under few circumstances only. Till date no botanist can explain about the sudden death of kodupul flowers.

Snowdonia Hawkweed


The Snowdonia Hawkweed, the yellow beauty was rediscovered in the year 2002. The flower is seen on Mountain slope in Wales, and that too after decades when the botanists told that it had become extinct. The unique and beautiful flower was last seen in 1953 and it was believed to have been nibbled to death by sheep. However, thankfully this wasn’t the reality.


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