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Switzerland is an amazing country filled with astonishing surprises. One of them is Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife that for more than 130 years, has been producing and creating products of the best quality. Not only pocket knives by the way but also Timepieces, Kitchen knives, luggage, fashion and fragrances. Here is the launch of a new fragrance by Victorinox. It is called Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Sport.


The Swiss Army Classic line is the symbol of a timeless elegancy in which taste of adventure yet a solid masculinity blends for a perfect match. 17 years ago when Swiss Army Classic fragrance was launched, it settled a road that would lead it to the rank of an iconic fragrance. Millions of flacons sold later, the symbol is still alive and even reinvent itself to propose a new young version of Classic. It is called Swiss Army Classic Sport. It takes what Nature has to offer at its best and brings a modern vision of an active man, ready for adventure.

The new fragrance plays with the contrast of a modernized structure, truthful to the DNA of Swiss Army Classic yet twisted with a bright ray of contemporary light. This is what the brand says about this new fragrance:

” The new scent is light and fresh, exudes independence and a longing for challenging adventures. In Swiss Army Classic Sport, the characteristic elements of its counterpart take on a refreshingly young and invigorating air

The aromatic woody structure of Classic was revamped with an extraordinary start of green apple, yuzu and coriander accord. This brings a natural boost of freshness like the same boost of adrenalin you get when adventure is just around the corner. Rosemary and Lavender plays with a heart of woods for masculinity, charisma and elegance. The fragrance then, sits in a textured modern aura of white amber and musks. This combination radiates a discreet sensual energy that will hook you in like an invitation for a outstanding experience.


The flacon reveals the true character of the fragrance. It keeps the iconic shape of the Swiss Army Classic flacon, yet, it shows a new identity, more modern, sporty and with an edge. The contrast between the metallic blue with the matte white displays perfectly the contrast of the fragrance, both energetic and round. It positions the product much more younger with a very handful outer-packaging as a sporty sleeve. You can carry it easier every where adventure shall bring you.

The Swiss Perfumery house definitely plays the outdoor card by completely capitalizing on the unique universe of Swiss landscapes. Victorinox has played an important role into outdoors gear and also to propose the perfect products for an active life. In order to keep it relevant for the active men, Victorinox is proposing the new fragrance with a portable refillable flacon. It is a small flacon, very practical and refillable endlessly. Victorinox Fragrances won a Perfumery oscar for this invention.


With this little flacon, you can carry your fragrance everywhere, even on your luggage without check-in in airports. You have enough for a weekend and even a short week. You can even have one in your bag, in your car or in your office. We never know, you need to be ready for adventure anytime! An ancillary product joins the launch of Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Sport, it is the Shower gel.


It comes in a practical tube flacon that will provide you a efficient usage without loosing a single drop. The packaging is really masculine and you get the Swiss Army Classic Sport logo on it. The scent is fresh and will energize your shower as a boost of energy to start the day. You will feel adventure running on your skin. You will be ready for the new day that awaits you.

As an exclusive content, find here an exclusive version, just for some happy few, of the official video. You will see a huge surprise at the end. Trust me, you want to watch this one until the end!!!

Victorinox is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. It is an amazing successful story and the Swiss company based in the heart of Switzerland, in Schwyz, show how strong they are to innovate and to keep the flame alive. You can discover more about this amazing company by visiting the company website:

Victorinox Fragrances are sold in 4 continents around the world. From USA to Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, China or Japan, the Swiss brand has fans and customers everywhere. They are all different and they unite behind 4 important words: Quality, Innovation, Multi-functionality and Iconic Design. The secret of Victorinox? It is all about state of the art.



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