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The designer brand of the month is Bib&Sola. They launched an exquisite collection of Murano glass carafe and glass sets called The Marta Collection.

Water is life. It’s the briny broth of our origins, the pounding circulatory system of the world. We stake our civilizations on the coasts and mighty rivers. Our deepest dread is the threat of having too little –or too much.” –BARBARA KINGSOLVER

Bib & Sola is the creative vision of contemporary lifestyle designer Kira Heuer, who has drawn on her International background in Art, Fashion and Media industries combined with her passion for sustainable living have seamlessly synthesized to produce an exquisite collection of Murano glass carafe and glass sets – bringing to life a new concept of drinking.

Founded in 2011, the name Bib & Sola derives from Latin meaning ʻdrinkʼ and ʻcomfortʼ and represents all that is valuable, remarkable and bespoke.

Check here a short interview of Kira Heuer, made by Diana Verde Nieto of Positive Luxury.

Inspired by the effortless composure of women water bearers throughout the world, the collection is at once striking and evocative. Additionally, a percentage of all proceeds from each sale going directly to The One Foundationʼs development of pump water systems in rural Malawi, Africa. With the pumps revolutionizing the lives of children and families, each sale of a Bib & Sola piece makes a tangible difference. Made with the intention of searching for a reusable alternative to excessively wasteful plastic water bottles, the carafes are the start of a journey to empower those who live without basic access to water.

Available in eight colors, the carafes can be purchased in both intimate sets (consisting of one carafe, and one glass) and social sets (consisting of one carafe, and six glasses). Each set is hand-blown in Venice by local artisans using natural colour pigments, creating a unique touch to each piece.

Kira Heuer – the Creative mind and Founder of Bib&Sola.

Growing up in Southern California by the ocean, Kiraʼs relationship with water began at a very early age. From morning surf sessions before school to summers in the sand, water represented recreation and leisure. Years later through a series of articles relating to water shortage and crisis she understood that something she took for granted was a serious issue. Expanding her research, she became unsettled by the reality that our world is facing a water crisis. In the last decade, the number of children killed by drinking dirty water exceeded the number of people killed in all armed conflicts since the Second World War. Seventy five percent of Indiaʼs lakes and rivers are so polluted, they no longer should be used for bathing or drinking. Of the 25 countries in the world whose people have the least access to safe, clean water, 19 are in Africa. Facts such as these were alarming enough and she decided it was time to get involved.

Not being qualified to help on a practical scale, Kira set about instead combining her interest and experience in art, fashion, media and culture to raise money and awareness. Kiraʼs far-reaching charitable work and support of projects focusing on social responsibility further fuelled her creative ambition. Working with local artisans in Venice and their exquisite Murano glass, Kira produced a collection of hand-blown drinking carafes and tumblers with a unique and beautiful aesthetic. From the sale of these pieces, a percentage of profit goes directly to The ONE Foundation and helps to support the development of pump water systems across Africa. Donating to The ONE Foundation is a beginning step, as a percentage of the proceeds will continue to aid people who suffer from lack of water, she will also donate time and profits to creating awareness with empowered organizations looking to solve this crisis on a global level.

From inspiration stage through to concept and production, Kira launched her company Bib&Sola in just a year, in 2011. Currently living in London where her new company is based, Kiraʼs passion for design and sustainable living has seamlessly synthesized to bring to life a brand new concept of drinking. Merging the worlds of aesthetics and ethics, Bib&Sola is already making waves amongst design and luxury connoisseurs.

Let’s rediscover the pleasure of simple ideas… pure luxury.

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