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Meet Boca do Lobo, a portuguese brand founded in 2005 with the goal to become the best in furniture design and production. It was in April 2005 that Boca do Lobo was founded in Rio Tinto – Portugal. Since then, they achieved international recognition thanks to their presence in Design fairs like the Milano Design show,  the 100% Design in London or the Architectural Digest show in NYC.

See here how the Brand describes itself: “BOCA DO LOBO was created to bring excellence in furniture design. Since 2005 we have been working to share the best Portugal has to offer: the knowledge of its people who design and create furniture art, the tradition of working with the noble material of wood, and the artisans and joiners who create the pieces with their years of wisdom and experience and their love and dedication to the art that they perform. We strive to present our admirers with the most innovative designs and highest quality works of art which bring emotion in to their interior environments.”

Mr Amândio Pereira, CEO of the brand, declares: “Our clients want an experience, we design for surprise and to move them, it is like a culture.

The Design director is Mr Marco Costa. For him the different inspirations are put together by placing emotion as the key figure of daily life. The goal for each furniture and object is to evoke a good-feeling. Check here a video about the brand during the last Design show in Milano.

In the recent highlights there is the NEWTON table Limited edition. Amazing design for a luxury cutting edge. Inspired by Isaac himself, the table is composed of lustrous spheres and semi spheres amassed one on top of the other; linked side by side by gravity itself. The liquid orbs can be crafted from myrtle burl veneer, walnut root veneer, or gold plated brass. While artisanal techniques of casting, lacquering, or varnishing, solidify the table into becoming a central masterpiece in your home. The table is ideal for 8 to 10 people but upon examining the piece, further seating might become the only issue. Check some chosen images:





Black lacquer brass spheres with high gloss varnish finishing and some gold plated spheres on the base and the top of the table is composed by brass circles carved with a golden texture similar to a  wood texture.

Check here for more details:

Boca do Lobo has an amazing Design philosophy and you should definitely check it out for your future furniture.


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