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Avant-garde designer James Dewulf continues to apply his expertise in concrete compounding and furniture design to create another heir loom piece called The Leaning Coffee table.


The Leaning Coffee Table was inspired by the work of Angelo Mangiarotti, who pioneered the use of gravity joints in the late 70’s.  DeWulf expanded on Mangiarotti’s work with a thinner top, stronger joint, and a shapelier look.  The result is a simple yet striking design that showcases the material’s strength and grace.


Materials: Concrete
Description: 56 x 22 x 18h concrete coffee table using gravity joint.
1″ thick top. Designed to take up to 55 lbs of weight at far end of cantilever.

It is available in Natural Tone, Light Grey, and Charcoal Grey.  The table material is 7000 PSI carbon fiber reinforced concrete which means the one inch thick top is as strong as nine inches of ordinary concrete; and that the end of the top can hold up to 55 pounds!  DeWulf’s development of and expertise with this material permits the extreme cantilever of the top and the expertly crafted gravity joint connecting the top to the cantilevered base.


It is a pure piece of technological Design. For more information, visit the Designer official website: 

The surface feels both organic and luxurious as it is hand finished several times to create a smooth buttery feel that people cannot stop touching.  The pigment is mixed throughout the concrete assuring color that never fades or wears. And the durable material ensures that the piece will serve for generations.


This is a beautiful luxury piece of contemporary design.



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