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james dewulfI discovered a very interesting designer called James DeWulf. All the Industrial Design world knows his unique work on hightech and luxury concrete furniture. He is launching a very original, elegant and interesting Light fixture called Triton Pendant. From sinks, tables, fireplaces, outdoors pieces, and coutertops, James DeWulf developed his own style. And today he is evolving towards other materials like glass and metal.

In 2004, the artist established DeWulf Concrete, a small design studio and since then he has been working for Architects, interior decorators or even retail stores. He has invented the concept of Concrete-Couture or Concrete Design. It is the art of blending top qualitative and hightech concretes in order to integrate luxury concrete pieces in a contemporary environment.
james dewulf

During the past years, James DeWulft design and work grew into a full-scale product line and it is available at exclusive stores. He has several projects, from Los Angeles night clubs and boutique hotels to architectural spaces and new yorkers homes.

His team, a group of passionated professionals is always trying to push harder the boundaries of the materials and of industrial design.

Today, James DeWulf is exploring new materials for him, glass and metal thanks to this amazing lamp called the Triton Pendant. He used solid brass pendant with a 10″ steel chain. Last detail: an old fashion light buld.
Triton pendant james dewulf

In development for six months, the Triton Pendant symbolizes a theme of beauty in a refined Gothic form.  The design takes the medium of pounded metal and shapes it with feminine curves; to create a structure that guards the light.  A protective principle of a rough and strong outside with a beautiful exposed bulb and soft brass inside.
Triton pendant james dewulf

The Triton Pendant is sixteen inches tall, eight inches in diameter, and comes with 10 feet of chain.  It is one of several new lighting fixtures DeWulf introduced at ICFF.

DeWulf comments, “I like materials that last and are real.  My mission in life is to bring beautiful things into the world and I do my best to let these come from my deepest self.”  As for the Triton Pendant, he went on to say, “The Triton Pendant is a celebration of light.  The design is a control of negative space while the fixture honors and protects the light.”

Triton pendant james dewulf

By the way, the concrete seat you can see on the above advertisement image was also made by James Dewulf. Do not hesitate to visit the designer website:

So let it be light…


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