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The creative brand Bib&Sola is launching this month a new collection called “Diary of a Carafe“.

Diary of a Carafe by Bib&Sola

One simple idea:

“For all the talk and noise, it is often the simplest messages that can change your outlook.”

This collection is crafted from the finest hand-blown Murano glass, Carafes come accompanied by Glass Sets, each bearing a signature statement that skips from classic to quirky and plays upon Bib & Sola’s fundamental brand ethos – the love and appreciation of water. Inspired by the effortless composure of female water bearers across the globe, the collection is both striking and evocative, yet underpinned by a lighthearted tone of humor and irony. 10% of proceeds from each sale go directly to WaterAId.

You can see the entire collection here:  

Water never seemed so self-expressive !


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