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If you’re looking to bring some vibrance and current style to your dining area then there are a number of ways to achieve this. According to Vogue, some of the top decorating trends to look out for in 2017 include; the use of green colours, muted colours, quirky lighting and artisan-crafted furniture. Now if you’re looking to make a few quick changes rather than a complete overhaul, then you might want to consider a change of dining table and seating. Whether you opt for artisan-crafted furniture or the modern stylish gloss finish table from stores like Danetti, you will probably be influenced by the current style of the room. If you are looking for a complete change, this is your opportunity to transform your dining room entirely.


 If you’re going to go to the trouble of transforming your room then don’t forget the flooring. Often neglected in the plans but an important part of your dining room design. Do you go for the practicality of a wooden or tiled floor or the warmth of a carpeted floor? Your family life may influence this more than the style that you choose. Quirky lighting can be a fun addition to the room and again, it doesn’t involve a huge amount of work. There is a huge selection of stylish lamps, wall lights and fixed ceiling lights that can brighten up the room and bring elegance and style. If you are thinking of changing the colours, then there can be a number of beneficial factors from giving your walls a new lease of life by a simple coat of paint. You can base your decision on the trends predicted by many interior design experts, or you can even look into the psychological influence of particular colours.



The psychology of colour shouldn’t be taken lightly. The colour you choose is said to have an emotional impact on you. If you have been feeling a little bit down, then a change of colour could actually lift you mood. Did you know that green is associated with being calming and restful? Or that black can be depressing as it brings feelings related to death and drama? Offices and studies have seen more use of the colour blue as it is linked to being creative and thought-provoking. The colour you choose for your walls could have a seriously significant impact on your over-all wellbeing.

Another trend that interior design experts are predicting for this year is the use of mixed metals. Whilst once regarded as a real faux-pas, 2017 is the year that style turns on its head when it comes to metals in the home. Designer Lori Morris describes the appeal as: “It’s the unexpected contradiction of the two finishes that brings synergy to these living, breathing spaces.” This is definitely an idea for you to take forward when planning a redesign of your dining room.

Whether you are looking for small or large changes, the latest trends of 2017 interiors certainly provides some interesting concepts to consider.


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