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Discover this month, Les Indiscrets de Joséphine. Born from the passion of a talented artist, she gives a second life to outdated furniture by revamping its look. Style remains but definitely the artist imagination gives a new breath to chairs, sofas and other interior objects. Each piece is unique.

Bergère in Patchwork
photo: Les indiscrets de Joséphine

What motivates this interior designer is her passion for creative work and how to give a second life to furniture that time passed by and let some strong traces. After more than 10 years spent in the pharmaceutical industry, Ms Humault committed to retraining. Having trained in Paris and became an Upholsterer. And just after that, she created Les Indiscrets de Joséphine (The indiscretions of Joséphine).

For the story, a “Indiscret” is a 3 seater sofa which dates from the Napoleon III period. There is also a “Confident” which is a 2 seater S-shaped When a third person comes and sits between the 2 S, this gives Indiscreet!

Indiscret Napoleon III style

What makes Les Indiscrets de Joséphine interesting? Well we can see that not only each piece of furniture is an unique creation but the only limits are the boundaries of the artist imagination… endless.

Here are some of the pieces that at LuxuryActivist we loved all handmade by Les Indiscrets de Joséphine. Pictures by Les Indiscrets de Josephine.

Chaise Crapaud (Frog Chair) – Napoleon III style

Crapaud_Napoleon III



Prie-Dieu (Prayer-Chair) – Napoleon III style

Prie_Dieu_Napoleon III



Tabouret de Piano (Piano seat) – Empire style



We realized that there are a trend for Napoleon III furniture for the past 5 years now and it is obvious that for Furniture lovers, that period of history was amazingly creative.

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From the middle of the 19th century up to the 20’s where Art Nouveau took the place, The Napoleon III style also called Second Empire, brought a tremendous freedom of creation. In deed, this specific style blended influences from Gothic, Ancient-Greek towards Italian renaissance. Eclecticism was the word. With the creation of a strong Bourgeoisie, needs of Furniture increased drastically and required a huge amount of creativity to fulfill the requests of all the Bourgeoise houses. One of the biggest small revolutions in furniture brought by the Napoleon III style is represented in the Fauteuil Crapaud, Frog-seat in french. In deed all the wood was recovered by fabric which was not something possible before as the wood work was always considered important. One important person in the creation of this so specific style is the Emperor’s wife, Empress Eugenie de Montijo. While the Church would ask for a certain form of modesty and moral behavior, The Empress influneced by her taste, personality and vision all the artists at that time.

When passion meets great style, the result is obvious… outstanding. Do dot hesitate to visit Les Indiscrets de Josephine website (in French) to discover more amazing creations. 




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