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This week at luxury activist we are discovering a few portuguese treasures. This time meet Munna. Munna is a furniture Brand specialized in Upholstery. It was created to be part of these atmospheres, with their appeal to elegance, uniqueness and freedom. Established in Oporto, in 2008, Munna’s mission is to transform emotions into products. The pieces result from the combination of traditional techniques and creative innovation. Portuguese experts, among craftsman, designers and joiners, who are committed to deliver only the highest quality, set out to develop armchairs,loveseats, sofas, ottomans and screens that never lose their power of amazement and allure. See here a video from the last Oporto show.

Munna | Oporto Show 2012 from munnadesign on Vimeo.

Discover here a special limited edition called the Heritage Revisited armchair by the jewelry designer Susana Martins.


Heritage Revisited celebrates the club and the fraternity. Its silver back is totally handmade, with inspiration on the traditional Portuguese filigree. This technique is very ancient. Its origins are probably in India and China. It was around the XVII century that the actual traditional art of portuguese filigree, “filigrana”, got its origins. Gold and silver is currently used since then. Many folkloric dresses and ornaments shows this traditional technique. The designer took her inspiration in this tradition to create an unique emotion. When tradition meets modern art. Very inspiring.

This is a pure timeless inspiration. It makes this armchair a piece of heritage, a story that needs to be told from one generation to another. This is what the designer of this amazing armchair says about her work. Susanna Martins:

My idea was to create this Heritage armchair as a reflection of one of the oldest Portuguese goldsmith crafts – filigree. I wanted to pay an homage to our history, to our hand crafts. In the end, to what is ours, to what is truly Portuguese




This beautiful jewelry work reveals 5,236 pieces of silver filigree and 187 modules, all applied by hand. Only 12 armchairs were produced, all numbered.


What makes the success of such piece of design is the attention to the small details. The stitching finish are just perfect and the blend of materials play in a harmonious alliance.

Width: 83 cm | Depth: 85 cm | Height: 99 cm

To learn more about this armchair, please check the brand website:

After the reign of Italian design, would it be the time for Portuguese heritage to finally express itself at international level? Yes in deed.



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